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Games won’t save run once and then doesn’t let me save the game within the emulator

There is one other exception we should note. Scoped Storage does not apply to you if you upgrade from an older version of Dolphin without ever uninstalling it.So if you download 5.0-15260, for example, and then just continually upgrade without ever uninstalling, then Scoped Storage won't come into effect for you until Google closes this loophole.. Though going through that trouble shouldn't ... Amazon.com : OneXPlayer 1S [11th Core Tiger Lake I7-1195G7-2TB] 8.4 Inches Handheld PC Video Game Console One X Player Portable Win 10 OS Laptop 2560x1600 Mini Pocket Tablet PC 16GB RAM (2TB NVMe SSD) : Electronics The SmartBoy is NOT a Game Boy player in any way. It won't even work unless you have the John GBC or My Old Boy GB emulator apps. 2. While it requires actual GB/GBC carts to play, it DOES NOT PLAY FROM THEM. All it does is dumps the ROM file from the cart onto the phone TEMPORARILY and creates a new save file in the emulator you have. What's wrong? --> I own a Voodoo 3, and I'm using Pete's GPU plugins. I configured the plugin, and selected "Nice" in order to get nice graphics. But then emulator crashes. Why? --> I'm using Lewpy's Glide plugin for my 3dfx card. But every time I try to run a game, the emulator crashes. That helped me get the station attendant; once she was on her way, I hung up on 911 so I could attend to the person in distress. 10 minutes later, I got a text: we received a 911 hangup from your phone. if you need help, call back, tell us where you are and what happened. if that was a misdial, have a good night (capitalization from original ... At any time during a game on Among Us, you can host an Emergency meeting by using the ‘Use’ ability after cooldown or by reporting a body. When that happens, all the players in the game are teleported to the Cafeteria or the Office and won’t be able to move. This meeting will let you talk to others and vote on deciding who is the imposter. Introducing the Eclipse Marketplace Client What is the Eclipse Marketplace Client. Eclipse Marketplace Client (MPC) is a rich client interface for browsing and installing the Eclipse based solutions listed on the Eclipse Marketplace portal. I JUST WANT TO GO ON THE TRAIL AND IT WON'T LET ME GET ON THE STUPID TRAIL. ... If it doesn't run well for anyone, it's probably something with the computer and not the game itself. ... If this game was downloaded I could have saved the state of the dosbox or something to effectively save my game, but now I have to start over. The game could do a few different things in such a situation: * The game may be perfectly happy with your changes and run fine, changes and all * The game may refuse your changes and reset them back to what they were supposed to be, as if your edit was never done. * The game may try to run with your changes, only to not be programmed to handle ... On PS4: Run HEN on your PS4, go to settings > debug > game and install the RPI PKG, then go to settings > network and get your IP address, finally start REMOTE PACKAGE INSTALLER PKG. ON PC: Start PKG Linker, enter your PS4's IP address, double click the directory box, and browse for your PKG's on your computer, Click "START SERVER".

2022.01.20 03:09 VisibleBeginning9705 Games won’t save run once and then doesn’t let me save the game within the emulator

iPhone 12 Pro Max any work around
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2022.01.20 03:09 MyStarDustSee Watch "Aleister Crowley's 1928 forward to 'The Book of the Law' (Five Excerpts)" on YouTube

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2022.01.20 03:09 theultimatewhiteface How do i settup better photos. No joke these are the best photos i have of myself! Please help. Feel free to DM if ya want to help a boy out

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2022.01.20 03:09 agreewoment Unofficial Hunt:Showdown achievement list

  1. Survive your first match
  2. Survive your first fight
  3. Steal your first bounty
  4. Steal your first bounty solo
  5. Wipe your first team
  6. Wipe your first team as a solo or 1v2
  7. Wipe a trio as a solo or 1v3
  8. Kill a hunter with an axe
  9. Kill a hunter with your knife or other melee tool
  10. Kill a hunter with the stock of your rifle
  11. Kill a hunter with throwing knives or throwing axes
  12. Kill a hunter with tomahawk (the trait) - only the hammer is worth the official achievement AFAIK
  13. Kill a hunter with the derringer
  14. Kill a hunter with a headshot over 100m
  15. Kill a hunter with a headshot over 200m
  16. Kill a hunter with a trap
  17. Force a hunter to jump to their death rather than die by your hand.
  18. Negotiate peace or team up with another team
  19. Level your first hunter to max level
  20. Max 5 hunters in one prestige, before hitting rank 100.
  21. Have 10 max level hunters in your roster
  22. Have 20 max level hunters in your roster
  23. Have 30 max level hunters in your roster
  24. Have 40 max level hunters in your roster
  25. Have 50 max level hunters in your roster
  26. Collect $20k
  27. Collect $50k
  28. Collect $100k
  29. Collect $20k in one prestige before hitting rank 100
  30. Get every weapon mastery
  31. Get every monster mastery
  32. Be the last team alive in a match
  33. Wipe every team on the map
  34. Kill every player on the map
  35. Enter a match without any weapons, kill a hunter and survive the match (naked run)
  36. Play a free hunter without modifying their loadout, survive, and reach max level (zero to hero).
Tell me below:
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2022.01.20 03:09 bucket--bot but it

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2022.01.20 03:09 haber-trend Sıcak! | Kamu ihalelerinde parasal limitler yüzde 79 arttı #KamuİhaleKurumu #TCResmiGazete son saatin en çok aranan 4. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 4 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2022.01.20 03:09 Babz2Tang Clone Pack available in Australia through Certified Store!

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2022.01.20 03:09 EdenEscapism Just finished making my weekly schedule! What do talk think? More explained in the comments.

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2022.01.20 03:09 domacheeky So I haven't cut my hair in about 2-3 years, but I also don't take care of my hair, I need some personality in my hair, I'm not exactly sure what would look good, nor do I have any experience in black hair. This is what currently I and my hair look like, Please any advice would be amazing.

So I haven't cut my hair in about 2-3 years, but I also don't take care of my hair, I need some personality in my hair, I'm not exactly sure what would look good, nor do I have any experience in black hair. This is what currently I and my hair look like, Please any advice would be amazing. submitted by domacheeky to BlackHair [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 03:09 redrum234 Alexa, play Godspeed by Frank Ocean

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2022.01.20 03:09 Arctelis Homeowner Status in Bios?

Does anyone actually find this helps get more matches, or better quality ones?
I occasionally see it in peoples bios, like it is a selling feature of dating them. I own, and am actually quite young for it in my area (28), but have concerns that putting the fact that I own my home will attract golddiggers and the like.
What do y’all think about this particular subject?
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2022.01.20 03:09 Jackoatmon1 Wonder what that button does??

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2022.01.20 03:09 usbebsiidb23b How can I ask my barber for this haircut?

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2022.01.20 03:09 OrganismAssemblyLine we laugh at the same jokes

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2022.01.20 03:09 MimicOfPlagy I perhaps said something stupid

Assalamu aleykum,
I was tempted with sin and I said "no, forget it" as if shaytan was there. After a short moment I realised what I've done and am now afraid that this took me out of Islam. Isn't it like the same trying to tall to jinn?
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2022.01.20 03:09 M0r14rt7 (Part 2) "Genshin Impact: No Way Home" Fanfic

Part 1: https://www.reddit.com/Genshin_Impact/comments/s85kxw/genshin_impact_no_way_home_fanfic_part_1/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
Chapter 1: Back To Formula: Part 2
But Norman didn't even managed to go that far before his path is interrupted by giant beast.
"Woah! Is that a dragon?!"
Paimon exclaimed.
From the depths of the dense forestry, a monolithic beast emerges...
Its body is cladded in cyanide blue, with claws as sharp as the blade hidden within Norman's glider.
So powerful is this great divine that from a single flutter of its wings, a hurricane is formed, blasting Norman off his own glider.
Paimon noticed his descent.
Tragedy befall the earth with the weight of his body.
"Fuck the dragon! We're going for the city!"
Covered in dirt and dead leaves, Norman emerges with a coughing fit from all the dust that's kicked up by the great beast.
Norman managed to grab onto his glider as it comes back to him and takes off once more, only this time he takes the long way to avoid the dragon entirely.
With every passing minute, he takes note of the creature's position, but as he does, he notice that the it wasn't flying alone:
"Paimon! Look! Do you see that man?"
"Huh? No way! He's flying alongside of the dragon!"
Paimon continues to struggle to catch up to his glider as she spoke.
"You think he's controlling it?"
Norman asked as the dragon surpasses both of them entirely.
"Paimon doesn't know! Paimon thinks that he's trying to communicate with the dragon!"
A lightning storm followed the creature everywhere it goes, so loud and chaotic were it screams that only yelling will ever pierce the sky and render their conversation audible.
As Paimon takes a really good look of the scene, she finally managed to see the finer details belonging to the strange man:
The man had wings of blue attached to his back, his entire body is clothed in green much like Norman, the only difference is that his clothes seems to be made out of soft fabric instead of Norman's heavy kevlar and ceramic plates.
The glider was fast, but dragon was even faster, it seemed like a miracle that the mysterious man was able to keep up with the dragon despite the harrowing wind.
At last, the dragon reached the city and began to rain chaos upon the residents of Mondstadt.
Thunder and lightning, everywhere they see there were scorched and flooded streets.
Screaming and crying, the people, they scramble and flee the scene as the dragon lands upon the head of a statue in the middle of the city, which is also its highest point.
By now, Norman had only managed to reach the wall of the city along with Paimon, giving themselves a front row seat to the horrific lightshow.
Among the fleeing civilians, there are some who are actively fighting against the chaos, from the little glimps that Norman could catch of these few people, it seems to him that they are blessed with magical powers.
On a flooded street, there ran a tanned skin man with blue hair; after a flicker of his arms, he turned the waters into ice and formed a wall to redirect the flood elsewhere.
And another, on a roof, there was a female archer cladded in red with a red bowtie on her head; as she draws her arrows, a flurry of flames begins to form on the tip before she releases them.
As ice shards started to be launched from the heart of the storm, this fiery archer let loose her flaming arrows and struck them down, saving the innocents and their property from damage.
"Norman! Look! The mysterious man is fighting the dragon!"
"Huh? What?"
Indeed it was true, Norman saw that the man who was flying with the dragon is now attacking it.
He was hopping on its nose to get its attention before launching an array of blue pellets into its eyes.
But then the dragon roared, launching the man right into the portion of the wall where Norman is floating, casuing him to say:
"We need to help these people..."
To which Paimon responded:
"Help them?! How?!"
Norman descends to catch the mysterious man as he falls and is just barely able to grab his shirt collar in time.
Norman takes one look at him and said: "He's unconscious..." Before willing his glider down to the street where the ice mage is at to pass him over:
"Hey! This man is knocked out! He needs some help!"
The ice mage is surprised at his appearance, exclaiming:
"Woah! Alright! But... Who are you exactly?!"
Norman answers as he hands over the unconscious man:
"I'm just the right man in the wrong place!"
Norman then goes upward before flying right into the storm to face the dragon by himself.
"Norman! Are you crazy!? You can't hope to win a fight againsts a dragon of all things!"
Paimon screamed as she is left behind.
"Witness me!"
Norman flies off and the speed at which his glider blasts manages to grab the attention of the fiery archer beneath:
"Woah! Who the hell is that?"
Norman paid no attention to her as he opens his palm and hover it over his glider, causing a hidden compartment to expand and launch a pumpkin bomb into his hand.
"Impact Detonation Mode!"
Norman spoke into the voice-activated bomb and throws it right into the dragon's face.
"Hey dragon! Catch!"
A blinding ball of light spontaniously formed along with a firery blaze that knocked the dragon off balance, causing it to tumble into the hard ground.
But the dragon is not yet defeated; enraged, it spread its wings ready to fly again.
"Razor Boomerang Mode!"
Norman took out some 3-6 pumpkin bombs and threw it into the many wings on the dragon's body.
The bombs burst out and transformed themselves into these sharp boomerangs that cuts into the layer of skin that make up the wings, crippling the dragon and preventing it from ever making flight.
In a last ditch effort to escape its desperate situation, the dragon roars, launching a devastating shockwave that Norman narrowly dodges.
Despite his luck, the buildings that surrounded him wasn't as agile, and so they begin to collapse onto him.
Seeing what's coming for him, Norman flies away before the building collapses.
As he does this, he also activates a machine gun hidden underneath the glider to open fire on the wicked creature.
In order to defend itself against the barrages of 300. Winchester Magnum rounds, the dragon folded its wings and hug itself while crouching down to decrease its size and cover up possible weak points.
Norman saw this and immediately cease firing.
He instead chooses to hover his glider lower to ground and stationed himself directly next to the giant.
Next, Norman clicks on one of the buttons on on his left arm and activates a retractable blade on the front of his glider.
Jumping off of his glider, Norman then has the glider rams into the dragon, cutting two small holes into its layers of protective wings.
Norman Osborn exclaimed as he plunges his two arms into the holes and began pumping sleeping gas inside of the dragon's protective cocoon.
Seconds later, its muscles relaxed and the wings began to collapse, revealing a mythical creature drowned deeply in sleep, finally vanguished.
Norman walks to touch its nose while his face is seemingly struck with wonder and awe.
"You're an amazing creature when up close."
(Sound of slow clapping)
Norman turned his head to find the ice mage along with the fiery archer and Paimon has arrived to meet him.
"You've actually got the power to go up against the dragon... Are you a new ally... Or a new storm?"
Said the ice mage, cool as a cucumber.
"Oh, how rude of me to not introduce myself. My name is Kaeya, the cavalry captain of the knights of Favonius."
The fiery archer then steps up to also introduce herself:
"And I'm Amber, I'm with him... Your travel guide, Paimon, has already told us that you're not from this world, pray to tell us more?"
But then Kaeya interrupts her to state:
"First and foremost, on behalf of the knights of Favonius, I would like to extend our thanks to you for your help just now."
To which, Norman replied:
"Well, we couldn't just leave the situation to fester."
And Kaeya continues:
"Your fight to defend the city againsts the dragon just now was witnessed by no small number of citizens. The acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius is also very interested in meeting you, and formally invites you both into our headquarters."
Norman lets out a sigh of relief, he turns around to take a look at the sleeping dragon once more before asking:
"What's the story of this draconic beast?"
To which Kaeya answers:
"Perhaps we should have our stories told within the comfort of our HQ."
To which Norman chuckled:
"Alright then..."
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2022.01.20 03:09 Ok-Ebb4655 I missed a bidding on this lot and I am dying inside. Needed to share. Third figure in.

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2022.01.20 03:09 canyex What was your strangest dream?

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2022.01.20 03:09 Metulio Thoughts on the white? First post :)

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2022.01.20 03:09 GhostedMurakami [USA-OK][H] Beats Studio Bud [W]PayPal

so i bought these in october and skipped apple care cause my last pair of airpods was a chance loss right? nah flash forward i dropped these at work one day and lost the right to the warehouse. i haven’t used these in a month but they have plenty of life left. i got another pair of airpods because of case security but these are hands down the best buds i’ve used so far, i hate to see em jus sitting on the shelf and i’m too lazy to sell the pieces on ebay individually.
i think this is a good price for a case and bud, *you just have to find a replacement for the right bud on your own. the left one and case are essentially new *
repairs: none!
pictures w/ handwritten timestamp and power: https://imgur.com/a/hWhxnwB
i’m looking to get $45 shipped. paypal invoice only
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2022.01.20 03:09 tveshasingh hmm

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2022.01.20 03:09 memo2016fpa Commisions Open , i'm beginning

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2022.01.20 03:09 FightClubAlumni [Thank You] Another late thank you from me. What do you guys expect? Overachievers. ; )

u/slimjimmy2018 - Thank you for the wonderful postcard from the Desert Inn. I love that they have theor own statue of liberty. Also a pool, hot tub, And FREE hot breakfast, Free postcard, & Free Wifi! I am in. I will see you there next week = ) You did not give me an address so I cannot send you something back. Please PM me.
u/slobber_bones - Thank you for the 3 F's postcard. I need to be more Fierce, Festive, and Fabulous. lol. Thanks also for shring your #52 song of 2021. I am always looking for new song, groups, music to listen to. I do not believe that I have your address either. Please PM me if you would like somthing back!
u/liberyprogrammer - Thank you for the color of the year postcard! It is quite a lovely color and if we didn't just paint my bedroom, I think I would love this as the color. Happy New Year to you.
u/lonelytwatwaffle - X2 - Thank you for the update of your address and I do not think that I thanked you for your holiday card. I do hope that you are adjusting to your new place. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our mutual person. She's pretty quiet, adn shy, and kind then she slides some shit in that will make you laugh your ass off. When I am in a better place, I hope to get there to visit.
u/Stephkempf - Thank you so much for the animal card. Right now I have a dog that was abandoned at my house quite a few years ago and I cat I got from a friends farm that happened to be the best cat ever. I am lucky. After putting down my 16 year old golden retiriever last year...I keep thinking that it is time to add something else. I am not sure what? I have had it all. Raccoon, iquana, horses, turtles, rabbits. I am thinking a monkey or a mini horse might be next. haha. Eesh.

To everyone, if you sent me something and I didn't thank you - please let me know. If I owe you something, please let me know. I have a few Ring videos of my mail person tossing some mail at my door. (I literally have a i love our mail carries sticker on my mailbox) I know she is probably frustrated. I get a lot of mail. (Besides RAoC, I get a lot of Freebie which includes magazines) I send a lot of mail. Also, I will take her job if she doesn't want it and treat peoples mail with care. 2 of the videos are kits for sending human remains through the USPS and she tosses them at my door. I had to start looking through everything because postcards would be inside of an ad or AAA newsletter. I unfortunately had to address it but just in case, please let me know.

Peace, Love, and Cards
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2022.01.20 03:09 djmv3 M18 Am I attractive and what should I wear? (I know nothing about fashion)

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