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does anyone have that meme pic of the trans girl drooling and staring off into space?

Actually, the video says 50 turns, as does the recipe, not 150. I think that many will make your bread too tough. As well, the blade used is the batter blade without the rubber scraper/spatula. Don’t think that would make a difference, though, like it does when creaming butter and sugar for cookies. Is anyone jerking off to this. Anonymous. September 11, 2019 at 23:35 ... one too because it’s funny and sexy at the same time but i just wanna ask if the girl that fucked the leader was a trans right cuz girl had titties but she had a dickcuz she was fucking her in the ass unless she a futa then okay. ... Derpy gagged pitifully, rainbow ... i n t r o. g l o s s a r y: coupling - the act of having sex; supernatural - things that cannot be explained by science and seem to involve ghosts, spirits, magic, etc.; cheating - having sex with someone else that is not your wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend; incest - sexual intercourse between people who are very closely related; nonconsensual - not agreed to by one or more of the people ... Strut your stuff as I turn you into a beach going valley girl, tanning in the sun as the stares of strangers turn you on. As three hunks come walking towards you. As they fuck you brainless, into the good slutty girl you are. Thinking is hard, and you're easy... --- This file will be fun for anyone who wants to feel like a fucked bimbo on a beach. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. My girl once told me that she’d never be able to cheat because she feels like she got put through a cross-fit session 3/4ths of the time. I’ve seen her faggot brother even look a little afraid. As I mentioned, he broke it off with his boyfriend because he was trying to be the top when he cheated with me. >see fellow tranny. same age as me, has a face pic and is cute so I send a msssage >we instantly hit it off, it was like we had known each other for years >we shoot the shit and swap pics in the meantime. average but nice body, decent cock, god tier bussy. >she's in town to visit parents who recently moved here, cant accom After drinking alcohol he does not differentiate between a guy & girl. He is bi-sexual in that sense Let's start the Story Anjali, Richa and Sanjana met in an Event in 2018. They had few drinks together and somehow became very good friends. All 3 liked to attend late night parties and enjoy their life to full. These Violent Delights is superior to Romeo and Juliet in so many ways, and reducing it to simply "a R and J retelling" is doing it a disservice.Even though I did feel like an intellectual whenever I caught the Shakespeare references. This book is the product of an intriguing mystery, a forbidden romance, and the gorgeous atmosphere of 1920s Shanghai. Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) Why Your New Year’s Resolution Should Be To Go To The Movies More; Minneapolis-St. Paul Movie Theaters: A Complete Guide

2022.01.20 01:21 EllrayX3 does anyone have that meme pic of the trans girl drooling and staring off into space?

I don't remember exactly but it's something like that and I need it so badly I am a bimbo and resonate with that image so much but don't know what to search for.
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2022.01.20 01:21 SlasherHQ Looking for a song from a music video-Please Help

Hey there you beautiful people, I'll get right down to it. I'm looking for a specific song from a rock group from whom I cannot for the life of me remember the name of nor the name of the song. So I found my way here. Anyway, I remember only the music video and none of the lyrics, the only thing I remember about the lyrics is just how strange they were in relation to the music video. But the description of the music video I will give is as follows. The video as I remember it begins with them riding up in a car, I do not remember the type of car they pulled up in but I do remember that the backseat of said car was full of empty beer cans and I think a guy is just chilling in that sea of empty beer cans in the backseat of the car. And in there car they pull up to a park with some nerds role playing things like wizards, barbarians and the like that you would find in any D&D set. After they pull up in the car they all get out of the car and approach the group of role playing nerds and the guys just start harassing the nerds. I don't really remember what happens after but then I think it flashes to them just playing as bands do in the kitchen shredding as bands do and drinking beer and casually tossing it on the floor. What happens after I forget I am a bit fuzzy but one thing I remember a fair bit is their clash with the nerds with armor and weapons that the guys made from beer cans that they had lying around and in their clash with the nerds. All the guys are defeated soundly by the nerds, that is pretty much all I remember from the video. So please help, it keeps me up at night and eats away at my sanity every day I don't know the title.
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2022.01.20 01:21 OkSecond2692 The brain evolved because it guided the animal in the world. And my experience (qualia) is of me in a world. So that makes sense?...yet...

...yet how can the experience be what the brain is trying to do? Or substitute some other word for trying, like intending. As in the philosophical concept of intentionality, which can imply teleology, or just aboutness.
We can say a brain is modelling the world but that's seeing the whole context from our privilege as a conscious modeller ourselves. It's an abstraction of what's going on at the system level.
Even when asleep, in REM, there is experience of a world.
It can't be just a configuration of neurons in itself, because why would any configuration be an experience of a world. That's the functional context. Yet the (ongoing) functioning of sensory inputs are not necessary for the experience, as when amputating limbs there's nearly always phantom limb sensations of the usual type (in addition to pain).
There no homunculus little person in the brain to view the model of a world. Talk about neurons looping back on themselves all you like.
So, somehow the brain isn't just what it is, in itself locally, but is also what it role is in the wider system. I mean that wider abstract function is somehow also a real thing, within the brain in a skull. Or brain activity somehow extends outside the skull on some quantum level? But either way how does its role become what it's like to be it? Which is in addition I think to just, why is like anything at all.
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2022.01.20 01:21 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Aid arrives in Tonga after ash-strewn airport runway is cleared with ‘human power’ | Washington Post

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2022.01.20 01:21 davidkorunek my other photos new #PS5share

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2022.01.20 01:21 thenerdycarlos Setup for Slayer on Streets?

What’s the ideal set up for on Streets when playing Slayer? Where do we wanna keep our enemies spawning, etc.
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2022.01.20 01:21 SuspiciousS0me1 When you open your phone, and your front camera is on

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2022.01.20 01:21 collectors_item Look familiar?

I have a feeling we just saw the greed and delusion phases and might see a bit of a "return to normal" before a drop.
Any thoughts?
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2022.01.20 01:21 sam-bug Eva sketch!! ignore the hair I got lazy LOL

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2022.01.20 01:21 ArcadeTeddy88 ONE AND ONLY COPY OF MY DAD'S EXISTENCE

Funds go to him.
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2022.01.20 01:21 gorillajaw Fluidd Cam Issue

Does anyone else have Fluidd and Raspberry PI 3B+ with a raspi cam and actually get it to work properly? I've had it working at some level for a while, but anytime I watch the feed on my phone or laptop the feed only lasts a few minutes then just stops moving. I'd like to know if anyone else is experiencing the same.
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2022.01.20 01:21 snkde Granite Stone Diamond Aluminium Diamond Infused 5-Pc. Cookware Set for $18.99

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2022.01.20 01:21 DryFun8184 Looking for Scholarship that can start now

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2022.01.20 01:21 Brent35T New Relationship

Evening all
I will make this short and sweet. I'm a 36m divorcee and I took a year to grow and learn who I was. I was married 14 years and I really never knew myself so it's been quite a journey.
So I haven't dated anyone until recently and I met this wonderful 32f who is also a divorcee. We have alot in common but I find myself super confused. As of late, I feel like I'm dating 2 people. One day she wants to be in a relationship, how she wants a family and she would like to marry again some day. The next day she says she feels trapped not by me but she wants to be able to go out and party. Have new friends, blind dates with her new female friends, club, whatever. She wants to have sexual encounters if I would like to join MFF. I'm into one person and I told her no thank you.
My position is she's grown, I can't stop her from doing anything she wants to do. She wants to do these things and not feel like she's being judged by me. I could care less and I've encouraged her to do whatever she feels like doing. She's even gone so far as to tell me I can date others so I'm sure I'm not just settling with her.
I like this woman but she's frustrating me. Any advice on how to handle this would be great. Should I just let her sort this out and move on. Life is too short for indecision but I don't want to feel like I'm being selfish.
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2022.01.20 01:21 J_vert Maybe this is a stupid question but…

What armor pieces would make the most accurate master chief campaign armor?
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2022.01.20 01:21 HorsesFlyIntoBoxes Made some pickled onions with Persian spices/flavorings!

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2022.01.20 01:21 tyrannosaur85 Tan & White Wraith Hopper Explorer.

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2022.01.20 01:21 cursedexx 17NB looking for some online friends (preferably girls)

hiiii! i'm tate, im from the US, and i'm looking for some online friends who are preferably girls , who will talk to me and not take days to respond !!
requirements: pls be from US, and in between the ages 15-19
my interests are video games(minecraft, fortnite, valorant), music(pretty much any genre except country), anime(favs are naruto, hxh, and vinland saga)
feel free to DM me and if we get along and vibe pretty well we can exchange socials
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2022.01.20 01:21 WanderingOPPO Is it still worth it to zenkai goten if you don’t have revival gohan?

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2022.01.20 01:21 Pdoinkadoinkadoink i made a liminal am i doing this right

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2022.01.20 01:21 Own_Nefariousness184 The legality of crowdfunding

Does anybody know how legal it is to crowdfund a fan film ever if it all goes into the movie
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2022.01.20 01:21 Similar_Artichoke_42 Why are the customers always disgruntled, can't we just be gruntled for once??

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2022.01.20 01:21 Galvatron1_nyc How many times has a pool ever won the $10k prize or a split of it? 🤔

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2022.01.20 01:21 Elderban69 The more we learn, and understand, about ourselves, the more we learn, and understand, about the universe.

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2022.01.20 01:21 GeeseHateMe Nicknaming The Grid Using F1's Instagram post

F1 posted this on their Instagram. Since its the offseason, I've decided to run all the drivers through it, to reveal what F1 really thinks of their drivers. I have nothing better to do right now.
Max Verstappen (September 30) - Red Divebomber
My Commentary: This seems to be a scathing indictment of Max's driving style.
Lewis Hamilton (January 7) - The Flying Spinner
My Commentary: This seems to suggest that Lewis is not as capable a driver as the public might think.
Valtteri Bottas (August 28) - El Warrior
My Commentary: Formula 1 seems to be saying that they don't believe Valtteri should have lost his seat, as warrior suggests he would be good in battle with other cars.
Sergio Perez (January 26) - The Flying Professional
My Commentary: This confirms what we always knew.
Carlos Sainz (September 1) - Red Phenomenon
My Commentary: This seems to foreshadow a potential move to Ferrari for the young driver.
Lando Norris (November 13) - Magic Force
My Commentary: Perhaps an allegation of PED use by Norris, as magic is strictly prohibited in auto racing.
Charles Leclerc (October 16) - The Demon Legend
My Commentary: I already call him this.
Daniel Ricciardo (July 1) - Charging Challenger
My Commentary: This is simply a paraphrasing of "Last of the Late Brakers"
Pierre Gasly (February 7) - Speedy Donkey
My Commentary: It's nice to see recognition of Pierre's status as the fastest member of the American Democratic Party.
Fernando Alonso (July 29) - Charging Snake
My Commentary: I didn't know he was charging.
Esteban Ocon (September 17) - Red King of Monza
My Commentary: Ocon finished 2nd in two races at Monza in GP3. In his five races in F1, he has finished 18th, 6th, 6th, 8th, and 10th. Less than regal. 3/10 nickname.
Sebastian Vettel (July 3) - Charging Divebomber
My Commentary: Sebastian Vettel.
Lance Stroll (October 29) - The Demon Phenomenon
My Commentary: Diamonds are made under pressure. So are Demon Phenomena.
Yuki Tsunoda (May 11) - The Grand Tiger
My Commentary: This is sick as fuck.
George Russell (February 15) - Speedy Challenger
My Commentary: A bold commentary on the Russell/Bottas debate.
Nicholas Latifi (June 29) - Driftin' Legend
My Commentary: This is what Christian Horner calls him.
Mick Schumacher (March 22) - Little Phenomenon
My Commentary: He is 5'9" (176 cm). This would be more well suited to Tsunoda.
Nikita Mazepin (March 2) - Little Diablo
My Commentary: He is also 5'9" (176 cm). Diablo is appropriate. Well done.
Alex Albon (March 23) - Little Snake
My Commentary: This feels borderline derogatory given his demeanor. Also, he is 6'1" (186 cm). He does not slither. To the best of my knowledge.
Guanyu Zhou (May 30) - The Grand Magician
My Commentary: I expect great things from the Grand Magician.

Thank you.
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