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2022.01.20 02:24 dxgreenxd VC ed. 3.7 (Finis)

She is barely reacting, but she’s still in there. Her little body is curvier now than when I first wanted her but she’s still my perfect girl. My little girl. Mine. At long last. Mine.
Uncle Shawn pressed my hand to his lips, like he’d done all my life. He used to do it when he tucked me into bed when I was little. He’d do it to calm me when I woke from my nightmares after my mother died. He’d often be there, sitting next to my bed, looking after me. He told me he hated the idea of me waking up from a nightmare and being on my own.
He’s looking at me with so much love and my heart feels leaden. He turns away and says, “look, Lonnie. Can we have a break at least. I need to prepare her for this. Can we just have a few minutes on the sofa. Look at her – she’s not in any shape to run.”
Lonnie rolls his eyes. “You get five minutes. That’s all. If you try anything, I’ll kill her.”
Daddy and the others let go of me as Uncle Shawn scoops me off the table. I wince and whimper as he folds me into his chest, carrying me gently to the sofa and sitting down so I’m in his lap, curled against him. As he strokes my hair, I start to sob – huge, wracking cries of heartbreak and pain. He gives me a minute, making soothing noises and rocking me, before saying, “OK, sweetheart, I need you to listen.” I can’t stop crying, but I try to be quieter, and I nod. “This is going to be bad. You’ve been so strong, and so brave, but you’re going to need to be even stronger now. Do you understand what he’s telling me to do?” I shake my head, the haze of the blackout still slowing my thinking. “He is going to make me have anal sex with you. I’m going to have to put my penis in your asshole. It’s going to hurt like nothing you’ve felt before. It usually hurts girls anyway, but… sweetheart, my penis is much bigger than normal. I don’t know how to keep it from hurting you badly.
I will do what you want me to. If you want me to refuse, I will. But honey, I’ve heard about the Wharf. The girls there… they don’t get free. If they do manage to leave, they’re shells of human beings. They usually end up on drugs, and going back. I’ve heard stories about the things men pay to do to them. The idea of you in that place…”
He looks away, biting his lip. I think he’s trying not to cry. I can’t imagine anything worse than tonight, but I trust him. I wish I’d taken Lonnie’s offer of auctioning off my virginity. It may have killed me but it would have been one night and over with. The idea of this kind of pain for months, every day, though. It’s too much. One night. One terrible night. I’ve already been betrayed by the man who is supposed to love me the most. “OK, Uncle Shawn. I know it’s going to hurt. Just please try to get it over with quickly?”
He strokes my face, looking so sad, and so proud. “You’re my brave girl. I’ll get you through this. I’m never going to forgive myself for this, but I’ll do whatever it takes to help you recover. When the pain gets really bad, just check out if you can. The brain is good at protecting us from pain. Don’t try to fight. Just go somewhere else in your head. It’ll be over soon. Just…”
“Time’s up, Shawn. Get her back on the table.”
“Are you ready, sweetheart?”
“No. I’m never going to be ready.”
With a rueful laugh, he kisses me on the top of my head, and, with one last careful hug, carries me back to the table. “Do you want me to do it from behind or in front?” He asks me. I don’t know which will be easier. But Lonnie jumps in insisting on it from behind. I guess it’s better that I won’t be able to see him.
They lay me face down on the table, my bruised breasts sore against cold wood. David orders Uncle Jerry and Uncle Carlos to hold my arms out to the sides, which they do. I rest my forehead on the table, bracing myself. I feel warm hands rest on my hips. “The one thing you’re gonna need to do, sweetheart, is relax your muscles. If you tense, it’s going to be so much more painful. Focus on relaxing. Be brave, my sweet girl.”
It’s just a nightmare. Just like when I was a little girl. I’ll wake up and Uncle Shawn will be there to look after me. It’s just a nightmare. I’ll wake up soon.
Resting my hand on her warm skin, I shudder with an overwhelming sense of contentment and joy. I know I’m at risk of being disappointed – I’ve fantasised about this so many times, run through so many iterations, that I know it might not live up to my imagination. But my hand is on my little girl’s naked body. She is being held down so I can fuck her in the most violating way possible, and she agreed to it. In my wildest dreams, in the many ways I experimented on the whores and their little bodies to see what I wanted to do to her, I couldn’t have imagined how right this would feel. She is mine and I am finally claiming her.
It was so difficult not to get hard when I held her on my lap. She sobbed into my neck just as she did in those early days when I first realised I needed her. I learned then how to stop myself from touching, how to control my erections until I had got her back to sleep and I could grip my cock, imagining the other ways those nights could have gone. So I was a master at controlling myself, even as her crying and rocking moved her over my crotch. I almost lost it when I mentioned imagining her in the Wharf. Oh, how I have imagined it. It’s where Lonnie gave me the girls he found. I wasn’t lying about what happens to the girls there. Men pay to do some truly fucked up things to them… I had to bite my lip to interrupt the rush of blood thinking of the things I’ve done, and doing them to her.
I’d told Lonnie he needed to make her lie on her front. I can’t risk her seeing me enjoying this. So her untouched, unbruised ass is now under my hands, waiting for me. I unzip my jeans and take out my cock. Paul starts screaming into his gag, rocking on his chair, when he sees it. Carlos and Jerry just look shocked. Lonnie plays his part well. “Holy shit, Shawn, you weren’t kidding! You ate going to destroy her.” I feel her tense, trying to look around but she’s held fast. “You’re really going to need the lube. I wonder if I should let you use one of ‘daddy’s‘ plugs to prepare her.. But no. The clients will want this to be pure. No preparation. The first thing in her virgin ass will be a cock… it’s just unfortunate for her that it’s such a monster.”
Paul is about to tip his chair over as he tries to express his anger, so David punches him hard, stunning him. “You shut the fuck up or I make you take a turn in her ass too.” His head tips forward and he goes still. He can’t be out too long. He needs to see this. Checking the others aren’t watching, I nod to Lonnie, who gestures to David and Joe. They pick up Paul and his chair and move him so he’s right in front of her head
I stroke her back, and, making sure I look appropriately disgusted and sad, I pump some lube into my hand. As Joe and David get the cameras in position, I tell her, “I’m going to start now, sweetheart I’m going to rub some lube onto you to make it a little less sore. I know you’re going to need time after this, but I love you. You’ll get through this. Be strong, sweetheart.”
I take half the lube in my hands and apply it to the full length of my cock. It’s 9” and thick – the kind of cock women get a little scared of, but can’t stop thinking about. I have a moment of doubt – now I’m seeing my cock next to her, I don’t actually know if this can work. She’s so little – even though she developed over the last year, she’s still petite and slender. I don’t know how I can possibly fit inside her. Then I get a flash of those nights when I’d sit next to her bed, stroking my cock looking at her as she slept. I’ve waited until she’s old enough. I’ve waited long enough. I’ll fit inside her because she was made for me.
With a shaking hand, and careful to not let out any sounds of enjoyment, I scoop the rest of the lube onto my fingers and carefully lower them to her ass. With my other hand, I spread her perfect cheeks and touch my fingers to her asshole. She flinches under me, gasping, and my cock throbs in response. I rub the lube around the tight hole as David gets in close with the camera. I consider being kind and pressing some of the lube into her, but I need my cock to be the first thing that penetrates her ass. She is whimpering as I trace around the ring of muscle, and I make soothing sounds.
I apply another generous portion of lube to the head of my cock and then guide it to her. As my tip touches her, I think I might pass out with relief. So many years. So long, needing my little girl, needing to feel her at the end of my cock. All that time, being a responsible father and keeping my aching desire hidden. Letting her grow up. I’ve earned this. So many years of denying myself this feeling. I rub the head around her asshole, working the lube in, getting her ready.
My heart filled with joy, I press my cock to her hole, making tiny adjustments as the tightest of muscles begins to give way. Her whimpering is turning to crying, and Paul raises his head, a little dazed but aware. His eyes fill with tears as he watches his girl cry right in front of him. I can barely contain myself, seeing him watch as I force the head of my cock into his daughter. She screams as I stretch her asshole and then I’m standing, the head of my cock inside my girl, feeling her shake as she cries. She’s so tight it’s making me ache, and I know I have to get moving. I’ve been savouring every moment but I need to get her back to the point of surrender or she’ll stay too tight and I’ll end up injured, like that time at the Wharf when I got too excited by the tiny whore’s screams and couldn’t stop myself. So I have to break her again.
I ‘beg’ Lonnie to let me stop, can’t he see how much this is going to damage her? I make myself cry, telling her I’m sorry. As agreed, Lonnie tells me to get on with it. That the clients want her screaming. No more gentleness.
Begging her forgiveness, and hoping I don’t do permanent damage (because I have plans for her ass over the next six months), I glance at Lonnie again and he walks over to the table. I start protesting, telling him to stay away from her. He places the gun to her temple and I feel her contract with fear around my cock. It’s everything I can do not to groan. He looks at Paul then at me. “Any wrong moves and this ends badly. You do what I say and you shut the fuck up. Got it?” He removes Paul’s gag and unties his wrists. Grabbing her by her hair, he lifts her head so she’s looking at Paul. She tries to turn away, but Lonnie says, “hold her face. Hold her face and look her in the eye as this happens. There are consequences to your actions and you need to see what you have brought down on your daughter. This is your fault, Paul. All this is happening because of you. She knows that. So you hold her face and look her in the eye.” God he’s good at the cruelty. It all sounds so natural.
When I have replayed that night at the cabin, over and over and over again through the years, my only regret is that Paul didn’t have to watch as I raped his unconscious wife. Of course, I’m realistically glad he didn’t – he’d have killed me, and I’d never have met my little girl. But I always wanted him to watch as the better man took what he didn’t deserve. He never deserved his wife, and I wish he knew that I made her mine instead. And he certainly doesn’t deserve this perfect girl. It was supremely unfair that he was allowed to have her all these years when she should have belonged to me. So tonight I need him to watch as I take her from him. I need her to see how he has betrayed her with his weakness. He places his shaking hands on her face, her head lifted at a tortured angle so she’s looking right at him. He sobs, telling her he’s sorry again and again, and grip her perfect hips. She is crying, loud and messy, and I watch Paul, watch her, and force the full length of my cock into her tiny ass.
She screams the kind of strangled, twisted scream that comes from pain rather than fear. My cock hurts from the friction and the tightness but here I am at last. My little girl’s body is wrapped around my cock, gripping it tight, and I have never felt more alive. She is everything I dreamed of. I look at her tortured asshole stretched to breaking point around a cock which shouldn’t be able to fit inside her, and I can’t stop myself from moaning at last.
I heard Uncle Shawn moving around behind me, saying soothing things in between begging for me to be spared. When I hear him unzip and my father loses it, I start to worry I’ve made another mistake. When Uncle Shawn said he was big I assumed he meant daddy’s size – they’d said he was big, right? It can’t get much bigger than that?
All I know about anal sex is that it’s supposed to hurt and boys laugh about it at school. I already hurt everywhere. I hope it’s not going to get too much worse. Then I hear Lonnie’s crude comments and realise how naïve I’ve been. I hear a meaty sound as someone punches daddy and I wince. I want to not care that he’s being hurt but I love him still. I press my forehead into the hard table as Uncle Shawn warns me he’s about to touch me.
The lube feels strange, and anyone touching my butt like this seems, just, wrong. When his fingers reach my hole, though, I gasp in shock. It’s surprisingly sensitive and, strangely, doesn’t feel bad. He’s stroking it gently in circles and I feel my body responding. Maybe it’s not going to be as bad as I fear. He takes his fingers away and I hear wet sounds, and I brace myself. Then I remember what he said about relaxing, and try to let myself go. A much thicker, warmer piece of my uncle presses against my ass and the not-unpleasant feeling returns. He is carefully rubbing himself around my asshole, the lube making it smooth. Then he starts to push and I realise, again, my mistake. I still hope it’s going to be OK. He’s being careful. I whimper as it feels like I’m tearing, the pain sharp and intense. It feels like he just keeps getting bigger and I keep stretching more until I can’t take it anymore and I scream, the pain overwhelming. I’m crying onto the table and I want to try to escape but my arms are being held tight by Uncle Carlos and Uncle Jerry.
Then finally, he’s inside me. It hurts so much but I’m trying to adjust to it. Uncle Shawn is begging Lonnie to let me go but I can barely hear anything until I feel the cold metal of the gun on my temple and I freeze. My head is wrenched up, my neck in agony still from Uncle Carlos’ assault on my throat, and I feel like my hair is being torn from my head. Daddy is forced to look me in the face and apologise for this. He looks like a broken man, his face twisted in shame and horror and sorrow. Crying, he begs my forgiveness as he places his warm hands on my cheeks. I want to close my eyes and rest my head in his hands. I want it to be ok.
And then the world ends.
I thought Uncle Shawn was all the way in. It hurt so much when he entered me that I thought that had to be it. As I try to meet daddy’s eyes, Uncle Shawn holds me and pushes the rest of his length into my ass. Bright light explodes in my vision and I think Lonnie has shot me but it’s just the radiating pain as I am torn apart by my uncle’s cock. It feels like sheets of lightning are flowing down all my nerve pathways and I scream over and over and over again. Nobody tries to silence me this time. I can’t stop. I feel something in my throat give way as my screams become grating, but I am somewhere else. I wonder if this is what hell will feel like.
Some distant memory of Uncle Shawn telling me to check out filters through, and I cling to it. The part of my mind that’s been trying to leave my body takes over and everything disconnects. The pain is still there and I’m aware of it, but I feel like I’m watching it happen to someone else. As he starts to pull his cock back out of me, part of me registers the agony, the rawness, but I just watch, and wait. I’ve gone still and daddy is gripping my face, begging me to answer him, searching my eyes for something. He’s screaming at Lonnie that something is wrong with me, but Lonnie tells him this is a good thing. He’s seen it before. It means I won’t remember as much. So daddy strokes my face, resting my head back on the table and sitting with his face close to mine, watching me as Uncle Shawn pulls out and pushes back in, breaking me on his cock. Daddy strokes my face and, like the pain, I’m aware of the feeling of anger behind a protective wall. I’m aware of the hatred and the betrayal and the love all mixed up together. This is his fault. And part of him wanted this. I can never forgive him for that. I close my eyes, and let the walls protect me, knowing I’ll have to deal with it later. Just not now. I have to survive first.
There has never been a more perfect sensation than this. As long as I live, I know this is the best I will ever feel. I thought raping her mother was divine, and have relived it and re-enacted it so many times since but this… my little girl has surrendered to me completely. She is limp but still conscious as I fuck her untouched, tiny ass. She is so very tight and very warm, and I can feel the tearing despite the lube. She is everything I have dreamed of all these years and I know this is what she was born for. She’s why I was driven to take her mother that night. This is destiny.
My strokes are long by necessity – it takes a while to pull all the way back and then all the way back in. Joe has been doing a great job of getting the close-up shots I asked for. David is focused on her face and on Paul as he loses his mind, watching his baby girl get destroyed ‘because of him’. Both of them have been told not to get my face in the shots – can’t risk my ecstasy being caught on camera.
She grunts and whimpers involuntarily with every move I make and I hammer my cock into her, making her pale little body shake against the table with every stroke. Her legs are limp and I stroke her ass and thighs softly as I fill her again and again. I can feel my balls tightening as my orgasm approaches and, while I could do this forever, I need her to still be functional later. So I let it happen, give into the building wave.
I feel like I’ve been hard for months waiting for this. For the last few weeks I’ve had to take breaks regularly to calm myself down as my cock began to ache thinking about it. I haven’t cum at all for two weeks, saving myself for her. So when it starts, my body takes over. I start moaning, my fingers gripping her hips, pulling her onto me as I force myself as deep as possible with every brutal, violent thrust. With one last pull out, almost all the way, I grit my teeth and ram into her tiny, broken ass and strain to get deeper as my balls explode, cum rocketing up my cock and pouring into her, my body spasming and jerking as I hold onto the table to keep myself upright. Rope after rope of cum spurts into her – two weeks of build up. Long years of build-up. Every time I came next to her bed, every time I dreamt of her after controlling myself with her. All emptying into her to mark her as my own.
She belongs to me now. By the time this six months is up, she’ll be mine forever. My cock twitches and sends its last few strands of cum into her before I put my game face back on and start to cry, sobbing and pulling out and falling to my knees in remorse. She just lays there, her asshole gaping and cum flowing out and down her smooth, pale legs. Joe gets some great footage of that. Paul is stroking her face and asking her to come back to us.
It takes a while for me to come back from wherever I went. The pain got so bad that I just… stopped. I wasn’t there anymore. I hope I don’t ever remember. I didn’t really want to come back but some part of me heard Lonnie and his men packing up and I panicked. As David walked by the table, I grabbed his wrist, making him jump and swear. I looked at his hand – the hand which had stripped me and shoved fingers into me and condemned me and which, somehow, now seemed safer than anyone else. I tried to speak, and found that whatever damage I did to my throat screaming had taken my voice. I whispered, and he bent down to listen. “Please don’t leave me here. Please. I did what you wanted. Please take me to a hotel or something.” Daddy, still close enough to hear, starts to protest but I keep going. “Please. I can’t be with them. I need to be on my own. They’ll try to fix me and they can’t. Please.”
David relays this to Lonnie, who shakes his head. Then Uncle Shawn stands. “Please Lonnie. She can go to my cabin. Please. If you want her to recover, she needs this. She’s right – we’ll all try to make her feel better and we’re the problem.” I start to cry – Uncle Shawn has always understood me. The cabin. Yes. I can feel safe there. He’s got good security and I can just recover. I nod.
Lonnie sighs and says, “OK. Since she’s technically one of my girls now, I’ll get the doc to meet her there to give her some meds and some treatment. David, get the details.”
Joe carefully wipes me down and brings me clothes to wear. He helps me put them on because I can barely move. Daddy keeps trying to help until eventually Uncle Carlos, unbound now, tells him he’s making it worse. Joe carries me out to the car and I hear daddy screaming behind me, begging me to come back.
The drive takes an hour and a half, and every bump and turn hurts. My mind is blank still. I can’t think. I can’t think. I can’t think.
Sometimes, a flash of memory hits me and I whimper, or a realisation about what’s coming chills me, but it only lasts a few seconds before my protection mechanisms regain control. I stare at the passing trees, the stars burning in the dark, the glint of water, and I don’t think. I don’t feel. I’m empty.
After they took her away, the four of us are silent. Carlos tries to talk but realises quickly there’s nothing to say. I clean up the kitchen and Carlos and Jerry sit with Paul as he keens for his lost girl. Neither of them tell him it’ll be ok. We all know it won’t.
As we leave him to his grief and shame, he grabs my arm. I panic for a second but then his wild eyes find mine and he gasps out, “Thank you, Shawn. Thank you for always looking after her. Please, I know she’s not going to want to see me but I trust you. Please make sure she’s OK. Please make sure she knows I love her and I’m so, so sorry.” I nod, briefly, and then leave him as broken as I left her.
Throwing my keys on the desk, I switch on my monitors. My screen shows her in the cabin’s shower, naked, sitting on the floor and letting the water pour over her. She looks dead and I worry for a minute until she starts crying. She sobs for a long time, her bruised and aching body obviously already tended by a doctor. I stroke my cock again, watching her.
Eventually, she peels herself off the floor and leaves the shower, wrapping herself in a big towel. I switch monitors as she pauses at the bedroom door, then changes her mind and she hobbles through to the living room overlooking the lake. A ping alerts me to an incoming message and I open the files Lonnie sent through, clicking through them and grunting as I get close again. I return my gaze to the cabin monitors, and can’t stop myself shooting another load of cum over the image there. My little girl has curled up on my sofa, looking out into the night, in the exact place she was conceived. Her mother was radiant, but together we made this angel, and she is finally fulfilling her destiny. She was born for me. I created her, without even knowing it, to belong to me. I wipe the cum from the image of her face and whisper, “It’s ok, my little girl. You’re mine now. I’m going to take such good care of you.”
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2022.01.20 02:24 JonathanRL Five things I want new Extraction Players to know

Having played during the review early access, I keep seeing behavior that I would desire players to not emulate today so I am going to give you some pointers on how to behave moving into the game today.
Shoot only when you have to
Save your ammo. Unless you must clear enemies or nests, hold your fire. Firing at everything you see makes it more likely to summon enemy reinforcements. This wastes ammo and HP for no reason.
Play the Objective
If you are running around the map while your team is waiting by the objective waiting for you, then you are wasting HP and Ammo. Always go for objective first, then move on or extract. If you want to get a few extra points, do so after the third objective has been completed but if you run around solo for five minutes without going for the objective, I am not extracting your useless ass when you inevitable die.
On the same note, do read the objective text. If it says "do not shoot", do not shoot it. Same if you must inject trackers; do not awaken those nests by going Wyatt Earp on everything close to it.
Equip suppressors
Sadly more or less mandatory. If you only have a shotgun, use your suppressed sidearm until you can go loud.
Extract your Teammates
You do not want to subject them to the chore of having to run a level solo just to get their operator back, do you? Extract downed operators.
Do not hog resources you do not need:
If you barely fired your gun but still grabs the ammo pack, then you are a hindrance to the team; same if you grab a med pack when an injured teammate needs it. Communicate your needs to your team and make priorities if need be.
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I’m taking geometry and because of Covid I missed a week of school but we started a new lesson on rhombus’s and other shapes and I missed everything can anyone help me with the basics of the properties of a parallelogram, special Quadrilaterals and rhombus’s????
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My game just isn’t running as smooth and it’s kind of laggy . Was fine before latest update . iPhone 12 Pro Max
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2022.01.20 02:24 Mickester1 I have a question for all my men out there, what is the greatest foot girls out there? 😅👍🏼

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