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is a W grade same with failed?

Failed to connect to ESP32: Invalid head of packet ('w') #485. Closed chinmoyrick opened this issue Jul 6, 2017 · 23 comments Closed Failed to connect to ESP32: Invalid head of packet ('w') #485. chinmoyrick opened this issue Jul 6, 2017 · 23 comments Comments. Copy link Synonyms for FAILED: unsuccessful, futureless, hopeless, inauspicious, no-good, unpromising, collapsing, failing, flopping, flunking fail: [verb] to lose strength : weaken. to fade or die away. to stop functioning normally. Five reasons why Windows 8 has failed. The numbers are in and they don't lie. Windows 8 market adoption numbers are well behind Microsoft's greatest previous operating system failure, Vista. BKF NV_W failed saat flash dengan research download Secure connection cannot be established. When a website that requires a secure connection tries to secure communication with your computer, Firefox cross-checks this attempt to make sure that the website certificate and the connection method are actually secure.If Firefox cannot establish a secure connection, it will display a Secure Connection Failed or Did Not Connect: Potential Security ... Maximian failed to oust Carausius, and his invasion fleet was destroyed by storms in 289 or 290. Maximian's subordinate, Constantius, campaigned against Carausius' successor, Allectus, while Maximian held the Rhine frontier. The rebel leader was ousted in 296, and Maximian moved south to combat piracy near Hispania and Berber incursions in ... During the presidency of George W. Bush, several American politicians sought to either investigate Bush for possible impeachable offenses, or to bring actual impeachment charges on the floor of the United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee.The most significant of these efforts occurred on June 10, 2008, when Congressman Dennis Kucinich, along with co-sponsor Robert Wexler ... RPC function call failed. The RPC server is unavailable. w/ Application-Aware Image Processing RPC function call failed. The RPC server is unavailable. w/ Application-Aware Image Processing KB ID: 1174: Product: Veeam Backup & Replication Version: 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x ... W/System: A resource failed to call release. Sometimes it is said multiple times. I know what it means but I've checked the almost 2k lines of codes multiple times but I'm clueless what I'm missing to close/release.

2021.12.02 12:39 stupid_cat11 is a W grade same with failed?

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2021.12.02 12:39 godzirr4 [WTB] 🎯 PWS MK111 mod1 223 wylde 🎯(VA)

Looking for an 11.85” piston bad boy.
Hoping to pay around $800.
New or light use preferred.
My PayPal is ready
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2021.12.02 12:39 Affectionate_Abies86 My friend loved me and bought it for me. It was my favorite.

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2021.12.02 12:39 MOUnknown09 Lsd and Northern lights

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2021.12.02 12:39 SnooCheesecakes6153 Mega reshiram taking 10

8773 5550 9572
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2021.12.02 12:39 Flimsy-Union1524 Letter from Congressman Tim Burchett about the UFOs!

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2021.12.02 12:39 CommercialSteak9377 Ps4 Lf unid anni offer ber

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2021.12.02 12:39 johnny_sunriseee The most based crypto CEO?

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2021.12.02 12:39 DMCPhoenix-X Suzuki is the Molson cup recepient for the month of November

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2021.12.02 12:39 dannylenwinn Upstate: 'Funding for the ARC will update aged infrastructure, boost quality of life, promote business growth, and create job opportunities for some of Upstate New York’s most rural and distressed counties.'

Press Release | Press Releases | Newsroom | U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York (senate.gov)
“Funding for the ARC will update aged infrastructure, boost quality of life, promote business growth, and create job opportunities for some of Upstate New York’s most rural and distressed counties. As majority leader, I am proud to have secured this significant infusion of $1 billion in funding for the ARC that will allow them to support the Southern Tier like never before.”
In addition to the funding increase, Schumer said the bill also expands the ARC’s broadband deployment and adoption programs, including of $20 million a year in dedicated funding for broadband projects.
ARC’s mission is to innovate, partner, and invest to build community, capacity, and strengthen economic growth in Appalachia. New York State receives an allocation of resources from the ARC each year to fund area development in NYS’s 14-county Appalachian Region. The New York counties are represented by one of three Local Development Districts: Southern Tier West (STW) based in Salamanca, NY and comprised of Allegany, Cattaraugus, and Chautauqua counties; Southern Tier Central (STC) based in Corning, NY and comprised of Chemung, Schuyler and Steuben counties; and Southern Tier 8 in Binghamton, NY and comprised of Broome, Chenango, Cortland, Delaware, Otsego, Schoharie, Tioga and Tompkins counties.
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2021.12.02 12:39 sanguine_rn Before this day ends!

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2021.12.02 12:39 KEPHAS_0 Damn, boys

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2021.12.02 12:39 Marjie94 Feeling Lost

Im not sure where to go for info now that j4j has gone away. I hope they are okay. Hoping to hear something and that all is well. FJD
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2021.12.02 12:39 Hikaru35 Wage Suppression in US.

US gov going to do everything they can to keep wages down for employers. Don't expect ANY help from politicians they know where their funding is coming from. Most Congressmen are up to their eyeballs in stock holdings so they are happy when corporations can maintain or cut labor costs.

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2021.12.02 12:39 invest_opinions $POWW - Ammo Producer and Biggest Online Gun Broker That Can Protect Your Portfolio against Omicron and Inflation

Silver line: $POWW (Ammo Inc.) owns the world's biggest online market place for guns and ammunition,is making one of the best ammo in the market and they have a game changer for the military industry.
Oh, and they are profitable making more money every quarter.
They’ve been hammered down buy short sell pressure presenting a good buying opportunity ahead of Omicron fears and/or long lasting inflation.
So, Just how well Ammo Inc.($POWW) did in the last earnings?
Net revenues increased 408% to $61.0 million
Marketplace revenue of $16.8 million
Gross profit margin was 43.0% compared to 10.7%
Net income was $14.1 million compared to a net loss of $2.3 million
Diluted EPS of $0.11 compared to ($0.05); Adjusted EPS of $0.17 compared to ($0.01)
Adjusted EBITDA was $24.0 million versus $0.4 million
Backlog of over $185 million
After the earnings you can see on Fintell some new 2-3M shares in short as an effort to contain the price momentum.
So, is there some consistent SI on $POWW creating some nice short squeeze play?
Official (old) Nasdaq data - Nov 15,there were some 13.3M shares short out of a 87M float.That is 15.5% shorted.
Now, on Fintell you can see that in the last 2 weeks there has been at least some 5-6M short sells and every day 50-60% of the traded float was in short sales.
Only on Nov. 16 there were some 2.5M short activity recorded in Fintell.
Hard to estimate how much is shorted right now - but this week short sellers have been trigger happy too (Omicron and Powell statements made them hawkish).
I would say close to 20M shorted and probably they build short positions as we speak.
Why? Very god earnings gave a little bit of spike for Ammo and short sellers got greedy and jumped hoping that the society will return to "normal" and the interest in gun stocks will fade, driving the price down.
They have been right about that, until now.
What can actually move $POWW higher again and maybe trigger some short sellers buy back?
New Covid infection wave
Omicron or not, there is clear spike in infections across the globe.
While media and goverments are still wondering is Omicron is just as bad or worse than Delta, you can have a look in South Africa. "The number of new cases reported in South Africa doubled from Tuesday to Wednesday." - and Three-quarters of S.African samples are now Omicron. https://www.reuters.com/world/us-tightens-covid-19-travel-rules-countries-race-quell-omicron-threat-2021-12-01/
How a new Covid wave will impact $POWW?
Expecting an Online sales boost
New spike in infections will lead to imposed or self imposed restrictions so more online shopping.
There is only one big player out there in guns and ammo e-commerce.
It is called Gunbroker.com (gun owners reading this know it for sure) and it this the world’s largest gun and ammunition auction platform.
It is like Amazon or Ebay for guns and it is owned by Ammo Inc. aka $POWW.
Accprding to Similarweb gunbroker.com is the most popular website in e-commerce/auctions category in US. Seriously, check it on Similarweb:
With 15M visits per month, (Also on SMW) 99.96% of their traffic is organic, meaning that they get all that traffic for free trough google searches for guns, ammunition or other sports&hunting related searches.
Small and big gun producers are selling guns and ammo to some 6 -7M registered users.
Gunbroker is even used by analysts and industry experts as a data stream for estimating gun sales.
Even under peaceful conditions (reopening) in q3 the revenues from gunbroker.com spiked to 16M from 12M in Q2.
Imagine how this numbers will look with pandemic boosted online sales.
NOTE : Gunbroker business can protect against inflation too
$POWW is taking a fee from the sellers once a deal is made.the fee is based on the transaction value. With bigger prices POWW will take a bigger fee. Being the biggest and best in this sector, Gunbroker has the pricing power.
The operation costs for Gunbroker are extremely low with a high profit margin (remember that 99.96% organic(free) search traffic?)
While margin for the online platform are not detailed in earnings, we know that overall profit margin was 40% for all business lines of Ammo Inc in q3 and that the online market place has “substantially contributed to improve margins from only 10% in q3 2020.
So - online market place owned by POWW is making money and is growing fast. An increase in online shopping due to current pandmic conditions can boost that even higher.
Let’s go to the second catalyst:
Spike in gun/ammo sales
Now, we don’t know how well gun sales performed in Nov. 2021 but we do know (thanks to the FBI public data) that 2.7M background checks ( legal step before buying guns),were reported in Nov.2021 - Higher than October and second highest number for November in US history.
Why second? Because the highest number of gun sales in US history was in 2020. What happened in 2020? Yeah, the pandemic.
Gun sales jumped in 2020 also because pple feared Biden will restrict gun sales and also because there was constant civil unrest.
But US has not seen this level of interest in guns before Obama became president (also pple expected him to restrict gun sales), neither during Occupy wall street movement.
So the main reason was the pandemic helped by political and civil unrest.
Guess what will happen with the new Omicron variant?
Remember the last lock down? Everybody was running to the shop to stock supplies.
This time people know the drill. It doesn't take a full lockdown for people to run to the shop. At the first signs of trouble people will stock supplies. Gun owners will most likely buy at least some more ammo.
Guess who’s making a lot of that ammunition? Yup, Ammo Inc.
Gunbroker platform is actually a recent aquisition of Ammo Inc. Their core business is producing quality ammunition for a wide range of guns and calibre.
Their ammunition business has seen a 360% increase in Q3 vs Q3 2020.
They even have some cool innovations to boost the sales: Visual ammo called Streak.
This patented technology is making the bullets emit a light that can be seen by the shooter.
There were previous attempts in the industry - laser beams, burning bullets. This one has a game changer advantage:
The light is cold - so they don’t burn things and the angle of visibility is only 30%. This means that YOU can see your bullet path but it does not give your position.
The sales for POWW ammunition were almost as much as they could produce. So they boosted the production capacity.
IMPORTANT- they boosted production that while still staying profitable with an GAAP EPS of 0.11 !
With a spike in ammunition demand - the earnings of POWW will fly like a rocket.
And customers can’t go to local shops to buy POWW ammunition - no problem- they can always buy from gunbroker.com - owned by POWW.
Lets see the 3rd catalyst:
DoD follow up contracts - In September DOD contracted POWW to design and produce visual ammunition for military special ops. In army terms - signature-on-target rounds (SoT).
The specially designed bullets will have one extra feature on top of the commercially available STREAK.
Military Ammo rounds will be visible in daylight!
This is game changer in the militar. Don’t take my word for it , DOD is explaining:
"The SoT ammunition is being developed to provide warfighters with the ability to see the impact of rounds fired from their weapon systems on a wider variety of targets, both day and night. The SoT ammunition allows the machine gunner to see bullet impacts without a visible signature in flight exposing their firing location in the manner which occurs with currently utilized tracer ammunition. This advanced capability will increase survivability by reducing firing position identification and increase lethality by supporting the shooter’s ability to place more rounds on target and in the beaten zone."
Now this might explain the back log of Ammo INc. That is pretty impressive: 185M.
Short Interest is pretty high, $POWW is making more money as we speak and they have at least 3 catalysts ahead that can push them higher, very fast.
But don't let only the SI drive your buy. POWW is a good long bet beside that numbers.
If you fear Omicron impact on your portfolio or if you are looking for opportunistic buy under this new market conditions, POWW is good candidate.
If Omicron or Covid in general will fade away, we’ll have to deal with a non transitory inflation.
As I explain above, POWW, especially trough their online gun market place will thrive under inflation as they will take a bigger fee for each sale while keeping the costs of operations under control and they have the pricing power to do so.
Certain trends will not change soon: a rising level of urban criminality & property crimes, increased poverty in some areas, very unstable world due to pandemic and economic crises.
Having Ammo only makes sense.
Good luck to you all.
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2021.12.02 12:39 aziiixs Negronun ismi değişti diye paylaşanlar orspu çocu mudur

View Poll
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2021.12.02 12:39 KingHaywood 11/29 order

I ordered on 11/29 for cyber Monday. It still just says placed. Never got a cancelled email but just nervous. What are the odds it gets cancelled?
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2021.12.02 12:39 clawstrider2 Difference between dedicated server and ingame hosted session

I'm trying to play the game with 1 friend. In the past, we've tried ingame MP and found stuff like vehicles to be terrible. Is this something update 5 has fixed for everything, or just for dedicated servers.
We're trying to work out if it's worth hosting/paying for a server for just the 2 of us, or if normal multiplayer is literally the same thing, just without 24 hour uptime (which we don't need)
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2021.12.02 12:39 SpecificTop3820 #sheffield #crucibletheatre #christmas

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2021.12.02 12:39 Leggingsboss Step van advantages/disadvantages

Asked multiple times to become a step up driver instead of my sprinter and want to know the advantages and disadvantages of what's expected and what it intails of how many more stops it increases. The routes I do now no way! Would fit in outeast long Island areas. I just see it as being so time consuming getting out and running a 1/2 mile down someone's driveway. (I know its a buck more in pay, but is it worth it?) Appreciate any feed back. Thanks
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2021.12.02 12:39 hipporider34 Why is my Chemex coffee coming out very bitter despite meticulously following instructions?

So I recently bought a set of:

This is the George Howell guide that I'm following, but the result is such bitter coffee that it's undrinkable. I am reading online that Chemex is very forgiving, and I have no idea how it's producing such bitter coffee when it seems to me that I am following all instructions.
  1. Heat water to 202F
  2. Grind beans in Baratza Encore at the recommended setting of 20
  3. Follow instructions in the guide while using zeroed out food scale to measure coffee/water amounts. This includes pre-wetting filter, using concentric circles to pour, using a timer to time each pour, etc.
    I've read other threads on this topic and I understand that at a high level, the coffee is overextracted. I can adjust my pour speed, the coarseness of the grind, lower the temperature and reduce the amount of coffee that I use. I just don't understand why I get very abnormal results when others seem to do well using them. For example, I feel like using less coffee would be a hacky fix that hides the real issue underneath. I've also tried about 4 different varieties of beans, from Dunkin to Sey.
What am I missing here? Is there some other glaring issue that I could be missing? I understand that I am just starting so my pouring technique isn't very good yet, but I would think that that would only produce a minor variation in flavor, not this undrinkably bitter brew that is being produced.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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2021.12.02 12:39 abhi_s0 25 [M4F] India/Anywhere - Hoping to find someone to catch a vibe with!

Hi, there! I'm an analyst with a management consulting firm with wicked work life balance, looking to connect with someone who's dealing with similar issues like lack of intimacy and belongingness.
About me, you can term me as an ambivert, as I open up real quick by sensing even a trace of comfort. Among many things, I like sports and I love to binge TV series (mostly sit-coms). Huge 'The Office' and 'The Big Bang Theory' fan.
Hit me up, if you wish to establish a relationship where we can discuss our everyday struggle of finding peace post work and find time to help each other overcome them together or if you just wanna talk! I've been told I'm a pretty good listener.
HMU! :)
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2021.12.02 12:39 1enox F1: How Red Bull caught up with the Mercedes 'juggernaut'

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2021.12.02 12:39 lolatfatkids Help with deciding on monitor

I’m a photographevideo editor and always wanted the extra real estate for a video timeline. The three things I’m looking for are color accuracy, crispness, and size. I had saved up money to grab the LG 49wl95c w, and the LG 40wp95c, should I wait for the announcement of the 40wp95c, or is there another monitor to consider?
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2021.12.02 12:39 riverPotato Anyone else see that Clear Blue pregnancy test ad where the woman is happy to get “not pregnant”?

I wish I could link it but my google skills suck and I can’t find it lol. But it was a pleasant surprise and change of pace!
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