Wednesday carry

2021.10.27 15:03 Oktoolbox Wednesday carry

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2021.10.27 15:03 iLikeApples116 How would you rank the largest fanbases?

I believe ESPN did a study a while back, but I am struggling to find it. While CFB has brought in more revenue and viewers, many schools have still been able to boast massive brands thanks to success on the hardwood.
Obviously, this is somewhat subjective, but which schools do you think have the largest basketball fanbases? Another way to ask would be, if you were walking around on vacation in Hawaii, which primary-basketball-school gear would you be most likely to see?
(For sake of this discussion, I'm speaking to the basketball-specific fanbases of each school. Ohio State for example would have significantly more fans than Duke as a whole, but among the fans that actively follow each basketball team, Duke probably edges them out.)
In my opinion:
#1 - Kentucky
#2a - Kansas
#2b - North Carolina
#4 - Indiana
#5 - Duke
We did have a "User Flairs Count" post a few years ago which I'd imagine would be pretty representative. Also, Forbes did a ranking of the "Most Valuable Teams" here, although that can be skewed by conference money, geographical region, arena size, etc. Curious to hear other people's thoughts as we inch closer to basketball season!
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2021.10.27 15:03 regachoisiah Donna Burke - Sins of The Father

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2021.10.27 15:03 PekaPIayz If ryan was actually 8-bit

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2021.10.27 15:03 Alexdyoass Sprout

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2021.10.27 15:03 GodSentMeSorry Tele:@LifeWPolo

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Channel for all my vouchers. Gonna start posting fresh ones from now on, enjoy my old ones ๐Ÿ’ฏ
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2021.10.27 15:03 NightReader5 If you could rename yourself, what would you now be called?

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2021.10.27 15:03 msuroo Yo dawg, I heard you like Robin Hoodsโ€ฆ

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2021.10.27 15:03 Apprehensive_Bag2124 Ex-Grasosos de la grasa :v, que fue lo mas loco que no se ha dicho debido al la censura?

Aparte de la marchas de la legion holk y el tirot#o
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2021.10.27 15:03 DannyDaCat One of the BIGGEST $SHIB FUDers (and DOGE proponent) just flipped and invested into $SHIB. DON'T get angry! See this as a POSITIVE SIGN that the #SHIBArmy is winning over even the hardest people! Keep Staying Positive! Welcome everyone you can to help improve peoples lives through $SHIB!!

One of the BIGGEST $SHIB FUDers (and DOGE proponent) just flipped and invested into $SHIB. DON'T get angry! See this as a POSITIVE SIGN that the #SHIBArmy is winning over even the hardest people! Keep Staying Positive! Welcome everyone you can to help improve peoples lives through $SHIB!! submitted by DannyDaCat to SHIBArmy [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 15:03 AdeTheux Monterey: anti-ads hosts file not working anymore?

I've been using a tweaked hosts file to ban ads for about a decade, no problem so far.
Just updated to Monterey, and I've realised how terribly awful it is to browse today since suddenly ads are appearing.
I've checked the file, it's still the same. Is it not loaded on Monterey? Or is iCloud Private Relay impacting this? Turning it off doesn't change anything, though (I turned it on on the Mac about 2 hours ago).
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2021.10.27 15:03 Dramatic-Mango-4724 Vroom Delivery

So I got my Congrats on your purchase email on Oct 13th. Up until then things had gone smoothly and communication was consistent with vroom. On Oct 18th I got another email saying your car is on its way to the final hub and gave me an estimated delivery date of Oct 25th . Which was later changed to the 27th by the CSR reps i talked to.Since then I havenโ€™t heard anything and have been consistently calling and being told the same thing โ€œ itโ€™s in transit and the carrier will call you โ€œ . I called yesterday and spoke with someone way more helpful who actually called the 3rd party carrier to see where my car was at. So they let her know that barely as of yesterday the 26th the carrier โ€œclaimedโ€ my order. So I guess at that point they add it to their schedule to set up delivery?? Anyone had the same issue or know how much longer it will be from this point? I just hate waiting ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜”
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2021.10.27 15:03 RhinoKing55 Slight sound delay when playing Series X on LG OLED 48C1 TV

Just got my new Xbox setup finished and I've played my games and noticed a pretty bad sound delay. I have turned off Dolby Atmos and the game optimizer's AI automatic suround sound feature and that helped a lot, but I can still notice a pretty slight, yet annoying delay when characters are speaking, having there mouths move a split second before the audion kicks in. I should also mention that the audio is coming straight from the TV's speakers, and not a wired or wireless speaker. I've asked multiple people but I can't seem to get a solid answer or solution. If anyone else is having this problem and maybe has a fix please let me know, because this whole setup was way too expensive for things to not be working.
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2021.10.27 15:03 CheetahCheers Unit models in No Step Back?

Hey guys, I know a lot of you won't really care much about this issue, but please bear with me:
I was looking at the steam page for No Step Back today, and noticed that the Soviet Union had the same unit models as they do now, pre-DLC. Does anyone know if the Soviet Union will have revamped unit models + will the Baltics have revamped unit models?

- Thanks a lot in advance for any answer!
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2021.10.27 15:03 red0ct0ber Are we still doing IRS revenue agent updates?

If so, I am totally exhausted by this hiring process and lack of communication. Interview in June, TO in July with September start date, fingerprinted early October, still waiting on eqip and no FO yet.
Now I hear that people are saying that theyโ€™re receiving FOs that state the offer may be withdrawn due to budgetary issues. Are you supposed to quit your job and show up on your eod with your fingers crossed?
I get that HR is busy but this has been the most disrespectful hiring processes Iโ€™ve ever gone through.
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2021.10.27 15:03 smartybrome Curso MySQL desde 123 hasta el Infinito

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2021.10.27 15:03 reddit_feed_bot Country Library: Country Library Classic Country Gospel Alan Jackson - Alan Jackson Greatest Hits - Alan Jackson Gospel Songs Album

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2021.10.27 15:03 seamreaper Spiriti, su cosa si accorderanno i potenti del mondo a COP26?

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2021.10.27 15:03 smartybrome QuickBooks Desktop โ€“ Export Directly to Tax Software Lacerte

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2021.10.27 15:03 blxglt Hong Kong passes film censorship law to 'safeguard national security'

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2021.10.27 15:03 Please_Pheasant Placing High Level Zones next to the starter zone (Hexcrawl)

Hi. I'm writing an island survival Hexcrawl and have a level 9-12 zone next to my level 1-3 starting zone. I have left environmental hints to ward off the players early on but is it a good idea to have this?
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2021.10.27 15:03 autotldr European Court orders Poland to pay โ‚ฌ1m a day in rule of law row

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 57%. (I'm a bot)

The EU's top court has ordered Poland to pay €1m a day for not suspending a controversial "Disciplinary chamber" at the heart of a bitter feud between Warsaw and Brussels.
Poland's Constitutional Court earlier this month ruled that parts of EU law were incompatible with the Polish constitution in a decision denounced by Brussels.
The dispute soured a summit of EU leaders in Brussels last week at which Mr Morawiecki said Poland was "Ready for dialogue" but would not "Act under the pressure of blackmail".
Several EU leaders at the summit had insisted Brussels should not release €36bn in pandemic recovery money that Poland badly wants while the issue is unresolved.
The EU believes the reforms hamper democratic freedom but Poland says they are needed to root out corruption among judges.
The court said the fine announced today would start from when Poland is "Notified" of the order and remain in force until it complies with the earlier judgement or a final ruling is reached.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Poland#1 Brussels#2 court#3 government#4 Polish#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2021.10.27 15:03 1nonlybd Pro Player vs A Turret

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2021.10.27 15:03 corrupt_girl Got bored, built the all of Faraway town in Cities skilines. Enjoy

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