FAPDoge ($FAPD) Join Pre-Sale! 🔥 | ✅ 3% of Reflection for the Holders | 100 Whitelist Spots Available 🚀

2021.10.27 14:57 Fit-Cartographer-707 FAPDoge ($FAPD) Join Pre-Sale! 🔥 | ✅ 3% of Reflection for the Holders | 100 Whitelist Spots Available 🚀

Doge is growing up and is looking around for dogegirls.
He’s discovering his body and he really likes it but…
Help him to not feel guilty and shy about it!
FAPDOGE ($FAPD) is a proactive Community Coin that aims to break the taboo topic of autoerotism. Everyone FAPs, so let’s talk about it and don’t feel ashamed! It’s safe and healthy. It occurs among doges of all backgrounds, genders, and races. FAPDoge would appreciate anyone who, sooner or later, would just admit to FAP. Let’s start from you! It would be nice as well to see some brave VIPs embracing the cause. Hey Elon… do you FAP?
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**✅3% of Reflection for the holders,
✅10% tax BUY/SELL.**
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Private Oct 21-25 Presale Nov 2-3 Launch Nov 5
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PRESALE 💦 Start: NOV 2, 5pm UTC End: NOV 3, 8pm UTC
Price: 1BNB - 1.1B $FAPD Min 0.1BNB - Max 2.5 BNB
*due to the high request, we extend the WHITELIST period for 1 week.
Token Information

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2021.10.27 14:57 DrunkAlbatross Business account stolen and we can't contact Instagram.

Hi all,
I checked the mega-thread about hacked account, unfortunately the thread links to support forms that don't exist anymore.
This is about an account of a non-tech savvy friend, I don't use Instagram which makes this even harder for me to deal.
She has her own personal account but also has another account she was able to switch to that she made for her cooking business (this account is very vital to her business). A hacker sent her a phishing message via Whatsapp, she took the bait and entered her login details in the form they sent her.
She still has full access to her personal account, but she can't switch to the account of her business anymore, it is just not there in the options to switch to.
The hacker claims to be from Turkey and sent her ransom requests of around $200 if she wants her account back.
We searched the help documentation in Instagram.com but didn't find anything useful on how to solve such an issue, and it seems there isn't even any way to contact a live person/support.
I would appreciate any help or direction in this manner. TIA
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2021.10.27 14:57 Fabulous_Ad3747 🌟 LEGEND KISHU COIN 🌟 Stealth Launch 🌟 Listed On PancakeSwap 🌟 Liquidity locked 🌟 100x potential or more 🌟 Anti Whale

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2021.10.27 14:57 PsychologyEntire Blipping the throttle with clutch pressed in

I drive a 2004 Jeep Wrangler with a 5-speed transmission. I have a question on rev-matching when downshifting, specifically about blipping the throttle. When downshifting, I understand how double clutching while blipping the throttle can allow for a quicker downshift, because the clutch is fully engaged when the throttle blip occurs, so the input shaft and counter shaft speed up and allow me to easily shift the gear lever into a lower gear when I press in the clutch the second time.
What I am struggling to understand is how blipping the throttle still works even without double clutching. If I am in a high gear, press in the clutch, and blip the throttle while the clutch is still pressed in, I can just as easily shift into a lower gear as if I were using the double clutch method. I understand that in both scenarios the engine’s RPM is increasing, but when I blip the throttle while the clutch is still pressed in while using the second method I described, why does the transmission allow me to shift into a lower gear? From my understanding, when the clutch is pressed in fully, the engine is not applying rotational force on the input shaft or counter shaft, so a blip of the throttle should not be speeding either of them up. And if the counter shaft is not speeding up to match the output shaft’s speed, then why can I downshift so easily when I do this? My vehicle does have synchros, but that does not explain why blipping the throttle with the clutch pressed in seems to speed up the counter shaft.
If, for example, I want to downshift without blipping the throttle and without slowing down, my gear lever does not easily let me shift to a lower gear, unless I tried to force it in. I also want to be clear that my vehicle is not electronically preventing me from downshifting in any case. It seems clear that the counter shaft is sped up in both cases either when I blip the throttle with the clutch pressed in, or when I shift to neutral and blip the throttle while I have the clutch completely engaged (not pressed). My only thought is that there is still a small amount of friction between the flywheel of the engine and the clutch, even when the clutch pedal is completely pressed in, which would speed up the input shaft and counter shaft when I blip the throttle, allowing for me to downshift smoothly without slowing down. I’m sure everyone knows, but when I say “blip the throttle”, I mean a quick tapping of the gas pedal to raise the engine’s RPM’s.
Any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks
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2021.10.27 14:57 Think_Requirement_75 Make assumptions

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2021.10.27 14:57 yesitsmeow Umbral refinements that offer 2 weapons should flip flop between the two instead of being “random”

I say “random” in quotations because all I want is the bow but instead I get Vulpecula over, and over, and over, and over again. I maybe get the bow 1/10 times max. This system feels like such a waste when it’s constantly not giving you even a single roll of the weapon you’re after. It should not be that way. If you don’t want to make it consistent, like one then the other, back and forth, then at least implement something to ensure I’m not focussing and getting the same weapon 10 times when there are other weapons that are supposed to drop!
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2021.10.27 14:57 abooder69 I've been creaming my pants uncontrollably today

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2021.10.27 14:57 AtLeastImTryinglul Say your favorite RPG

And I will judge you
Note: my favorite is Pokémon Black 2 and the best one I’ve played is probably p5 but i like many jrpgs
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2021.10.27 14:57 Siidiinho WTS Genshin Impact Account - NA - AR56 - $150

5* Ayaka, Diluc, C1 Jean, Mona, Raiden Shogun, Venti, Xiao, C1 Zhongli, C1 Keqing, Aloy, Aquila Favonia, Engulfing Lightning, Wolf's Gravestone, Skyward Atlas.
4* C1 Amber, C6 Barbara, C2 Beidou, C1 Bennett, C2 Chongyun, C4 Fischl, C1 Kaeya, C2 Ningguang, C3 Razor, C2 Sucrose, C6 Xiangling, C6 Diona, C2 Xinyan, C2 Rosaria, C6 Yanfei, C6 Noelle, C4 Xingqiu.
Outifit Summertime Sparkle.
Guaranteed Event Character
6K+ Primogems, Double Crystal Bonus
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2021.10.27 14:57 Green_Cattle4114 🔥 CuteBabyShiba - Based and Experienced Dev Team 🔥 $SHIBA Rewards 🔥 Active Voice Chat 🔥 Next BSC Gem 🔥 Launching Now

No Whitelist, No Private Sale 🔥
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CuteBabyShiba Just launched! It's a Auto-buyback token along with Shiba Rewards for holding which can really get the hype later!
We aim at building a long-term project with the help of a strong community and use cases that will bring our holders the most value!
⚡️ Short roadmap ⚡️

➡️ 1% Auto-Buyback
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🛡We already passed Audit
🛡Our Contract is Safe 100%
💰 Huge marketing experience with special partnerships in the crypto market!
Contract: 0x76d02aab23ff854de83343064905235fa61ef0ed
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x76d02aab23ff854de83343064905235fa61ef0ed
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xcB4465F68E7E6840b881DF636255F4D376A7B6C0
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x76d02aab23ff854de83343064905235fa61ef0ed#readContract
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2021.10.27 14:57 memelordddd69 This is NOT a socialist/communist sub

This is a sub for people who are pissed off and are tired if being exploited by greedy corporations while they're barley surviving. This is a sub for people to tell these greedy corporations and shitty bosses that we won't stand for being paid mere crumbs while they're making more money than we'll ever see in a lifetime. Not sure why people say/want this to become a socialist sub because that's not what this is. Socialism/communism is not the answer for our problems either. I'm not saying I have the answers but this sub turning into a socialist shithole is not going to help anyone
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2021.10.27 14:57 Soul-C The One-Winged Angel returns..

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2021.10.27 14:57 thomrdgrs Who wins this trade?

View Poll
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2021.10.27 14:57 MartinTheElf_YT Is it bad that my hairline is already receding as as a 16 year old ?

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2021.10.27 14:57 galen93 Simon Kjær renews his contract with AC Milan: the official statement - renews until 30 June 2024!

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Seriously? Defend this nomination...
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2021.10.27 14:57 WetBiscuit-McGlee Presenting lowSadge, courtesy of Alien Isolation

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2021.10.27 14:57 Sanvirsingh What should you do before starting new game +?

So I just finished blood and wine my character lvl is 54 what is something must done before I start new game +?
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2021.10.27 14:57 IDS_ronin Disregard ATER & SDC. PROG 🐸 is poppin

Shortsqueeze going to the moon. If we can get the market cap up, this will find it’s way to wallstreetbets and the hedgies will be F’d
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2021.10.27 14:57 ShortAlgo $POWL Looks oversold Get a free trial at: https://t.co/NbEHDcudFV https://t.co/XpJGGIjLnq

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2021.10.27 14:57 DaddyWolf23 Client needs 12 call center headsets and phones

Client currently using 12 ports off of their main office PBX (Samsung OfficeServ) to create a call center bank of 12 phones with supporting headsets. The issue is that the headsets are old and do not provide enough noise canceling ability. The older PBX phones do not support any other options so I am exploring moving those 12 phones to something more modern so that modern headsets (more options) can be used. Replacing the entire PBX would not work since the main office is working fine. So I was going to explore either a VOIP solution or maybe a soft-phone type solution that is installed on the 12 computers, or a combination. The call center is only needed 4 weeks out of the year so a monthly recurring expense does not make sense for this need. So it would need to be a service that we could turn on/off when needed and only incur the expense when they are on for those 4 weeks. Should I go with a VOIP solution and just use VOIP physical handsets or could something like Teams calling work just as well? I need hunt group ringing within the 12 phones.
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2021.10.27 14:57 ceci2400 I’m hoping Rich replies

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2021.10.27 14:57 NYPaesan In “The Shawshank Redemption”(1994) the word “MOTHER” is carved above the poster of Rita Hayworth. Tim Robbins played Larry “Mother” Tucker in Fraternity Vacation (1985).

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2021.10.27 14:57 Resident-Age-2515 Avril Lavigne

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2021.10.27 14:57 msveedubbin Anime cartoon???

Okay, this is my first post here, apologies if I broke any rules lmk and I can remove this post or Mods remove..
So I’m looking for a movie. Unsure what to call it honestly.
All I know/remember:
The whole “movie” is water color. Someone drew it out or painted it out by hand and they animated it I guess
The rain was definitely memorable- it was constantly raining and the way the rain was drawn really caught my attention
Something something, it follows a little boy who’s with his grandfather I believe? And it just follows him in his village and that’s all I remember.
But the Art was beautiful. All water color. It was mostly sound of rain and birds, no dialogue.
I know it’s not much to go on, but I hope someone can help me out! Thanks ahead, and if I do find it I’ll post it here.
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