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2021.10.27 12:37 ExpertAccident Gay irl

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2021.10.27 12:37 firsttimemom77 Worried about adderall and drinking before I found out!!

Hello moms. I have extreme anxiety and have a few things I’m worried about. I found out I’m pregnant at 10weeks. Thing is, I drank a few days (3 glasses of wine twice last week) and take high doses of adderall for my adhd. Since finding out I’ve stopped all drinking and stopped the adderall. I’m terrified I’ve hurt my baby. I also vape, I tried cold turkey but couldn’t do it. So I’m down to 3mg of nicotine from 12 in a week. I’m trying to avoid it altogether. I worry constantly and feel so much guilt. Can I fix things now?
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2021.10.27 12:37 Dry-Negotiation2794 Question: In today's society, is rape an inevitability for women?

My heart breaks regularly when I read about all of the horrible experiences women around the globe face on a regular basis. All of the precautions we need to take to protect ourselves, and even still, the statistics surrounding rape and sexual assault are devastating. Rape and rape culture is so prevalent that I feel lucky to have never had to endure it, but also feel like my luck will eventually run out and it's just a matter of time until I call myself a victim and survivor. Am I alone in feeling this way?
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2021.10.27 12:37 Distant_Planet Select one of multiple instances under mouse?

Hi all. New to GMS2. I've seen lots of other people struggling with this issue, and no solutions. I'm hoping you might be able to help.
I have multiple instances of the same object at the same point, and I want to be able to click and drag just the top one.
I'm not at the point of coding this yet; I'm trying to understand what it is I need to ask the game to do.
It seems like there should be a generic solution to this problem, but I can't find one. Any advice is welcome (e.g., if I'm thinking about this the wrong way, or framing the question badly, or if you can point me to a tutorial).
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2021.10.27 12:37 tigerlilykat Can someone give me recommendations on who to build?

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2021.10.27 12:37 mspinelli85 Flying with an M1

Would anyone happen to know if the 4 latch black plastic hard case that CMP ships service grade in is TSA compliant assuming it's locked?
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2021.10.27 12:37 WithinResin My newest necklace i made. It’s a reminder to always protect your mind AND body 🌺🖤

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2021.10.27 12:37 Erutious Towesey Homestead- Part 4- The Land Hungers

To say it's been a hard three weeks would be an understatement.
How would you quantify your son and husband disappearing without a trace?
The sheriff came out to check the farm, but I know he didn't find any sign of foul play. Dale had been in the barn the night Thomas had disappeared, watching for prowlers, but when I heard him come back, I had thought nothing of it. I had drifted off thinking that he might have decided to pack it in for the night and figured he'd come to bed soon and tell me he was giving up. When I awoke to an empty bed and a missing son, I was confused. As I watched my husband slip deeper into a catatonic state over the next few days, my youngest son still unfound, I saw my confusion becoming despair.
Now both have disappeared without a trace and I feel like resorting to catatonia myself.
I jumped a little as a wooden pole creaked near me, the occupant turning as if to look at me from its lofty perch.
I hated these two scarecrows. I wasn't fond of any of them, not after they had started appearing in droves, but these two specifically were my least favorite. They had continued to appear even after my husband's disappearance, one to five new scarecrows a night, and I would almost run into them some mornings as we brought in the harvest. These two, however, always made me sad when I saw them; sad and a little bit angry.
They stood nearly arm in arm, a little scarecrow in a nightshirt and a larger one with overalls and a straw hat.
A pair of overalls that were very much like the ones I had seen Dale wearing before he left that night.
A straw hat that looked a lot like the one I had given him as a joke one Christmas.
I reached out as I had done a thousand times, just meaning to push them over and let the earth claim them. I didn't want to look at them anymore. They were just one more reminder of what I'd lost and of the emptiness inside me. I reached out, wanting to shove them down, but my hand betrayed me. I felt my eyes well with impotent tears, wanting to be shed of these two but not having the strength to follow through with those desires.
"Momma? Are you okay?"
I jumped again and turned to find Greg coming up behind me. I wanted to yell at him, but I knew that was just my frustration. No, not just the frustration, I supposed. I was upset with my suddenly unhelpful son. Greg had been odd the last few weeks, disappearing for long stretches of time before popping up unexpectedly. When my husband had expressed concern, I had told him that this was just how boys his age were. Now that it was just the three of us, however, it was becoming unnerving. He seemed to be getting very good at cropping up when I least expected it.
"Yes, dear. It's just that these scarecrows always make me a little sad. They...I don't know. It's nothing." I said, picking up the box of produce I had been picking and heading for the house.
"I'm sure you'll see them again."
I stopped and turned around. Greg had been making cryptic little remarks like that for a while now, which was part of my frustration with him. I knew that boys became different as they aged, but Greg was changing into someone I didn't know anymore. He was quiet, often sullen, and I knew that he was leaving the house at night. He wasn't even being sneaky about it anymore. The screen door had woken me up several nights as it slammed shut, and a quick check would always show two empty beds, Thomases and Gregs. One was supposed to be empty, but the other...the other just made me anxious when I saw it. I had searched for him a few times, but you would never find Greg if he didn't want to be found.
Also, there were the voices in the fields, but I put that out of my head before it could take root.
I turned to ask him what he had meant, but Greg was already gone.
I shook my head and got moving again; the fields were suddenly giving me the creeps.
Bradly and I loaded the vegetables into the truck, Greg not coming from the fields as usual. We packed the squash, corn, pumpkins, and beans into the back of the farm truck, and Bradly slammed the tailgate as he whistled at the harvest. Despite our losses, it had been a good harvest this year. I suspected that it might be the last harvest for some time. I would have to take a hard look at the farm before next year and decide if a woman on her own could handle a farm's day-to-day needs. I supposed I could hire help, but I wasn't sure I still wanted to be here after the disappearances.
I sighed and climbed into the ratty old Ford. I heard the passenger side open and saw Bradly climbing in. He was getting tall. He was sixteen and already as tall as his father. I was glad for him these days, but I put a hand out as he tried to climb in and told him to stay here. He said he wanted to come with me, and I could read the fear in his voice clearly enough. What he meant was that he didn't want to stay here with Greg.
"Keep an eye on your brother," I said, pitching her voice low, "he's been acting oddly."
"But momma," Bradly started, but I cut him off.
"The only but I wanna hear about is your butt walking back to the house. Please, just make sure he doesn't get lost too."
He nodded, looking scared, but obeying nonetheless.
He was a good boy, my Bradly.
As I pulled away, I prayed this wouldn't be the last time I saw those two. As the fields passed the window, enveloping the road on either side, I kept my eyes forward. They had been playing tricks on me lately, and I wasn't in the mood for it today. I had seen faces in the fields, faces amongst the corn and beans that were hunkered down like ambushers. I knew they were just the scarecrows, those hateful golems that seemed to multiply nightly, but sometimes, I thought I saw more familiar faces as well. I'd seen the owner of the apothecary, the bartender at the Cloudy Schooner, the man who sold produce at the stand near the corner...
Dale and Thomas as they stood amongst that swaying sea, hand in hand.
I had stopped the first time I'd seen their faces, the two of them standing amongst the corn as it swayed in an early autumn breeze. I had leaped from the car and nearly tripped over the wooden fence as I bolted into the field. The corn was high, and it whipped at me as I ran towards them. I could see someone moving through the stalks but, despite my best efforts, I couldn't catch them.
When Greg found me crying out there, the corn swaying around me as I wept, he just led me back to the house as Bradly went to drive the truck back.
I had stopped glancing at the corn after that.
As I drove, I felt the tears welling up. That had been almost two weeks ago, back when I still thought they were coming back. When I woke that first morning, I had honestly just thought that my husband had gone out to start his farm chores, maybe finally coming out of his funk. After searching the house, the barn, and both boys helping me search the fields, I knew something was wrong. The truck was still there, so I knew he hadn't gone into town. His fishing pole was still in the barn, so I knew he hadn't gone to the fish pond; never mind that it was the wrong season for it. He wasn’t anywhere, he was just gone, and I was unsure how to process this so close on the heels of Thomas's disappearance.
The sheriff had come out again, searching the same ground we had already searched.
In the end, though, he had said he would post Dale’s picture with the others and keep an eye out for him.
It seemed that they weren't the only people to just "go missing without a trace" in this town.
I pulled up to the feed store, wiping my eyes as I got out and waved at Fred. Fred's been buying our produce for years, but I've only recently had to have a hand in this part of the process. Dale had always handled the selling, handled the money, made the deals, and I had simply kept the house and raised the children. I was unprepared for widowhood, but my Daddy had taught me enough about farming to get the crops in and enough about dealing with people like Fred not to lose my shirt in the deal. As I left the store, I couldn't help but glance at the missing posters on the bulletin board, their fragile bodies pushed by the wind. It smelled like rain, it smelled like rain a lot these days, and I found myself gripping the poster of Dale and Thomas.
It wasn't even the newest. Three kids from the local Highschool had gone missing a few days ago too. High school kids could sometimes be counted as runaways, but many of these people were adults, people with families, businesses, and positions of status. Before these three, the mayor's secretary had gone missing as well, the fire captain a few days before her, and even the owner of the General Store had locked up and never come back. Some people had left on their own, spooked by all these disappearances, but they weren't pictured here, and the missing posters seemed to be stapled one on top of the other.
I let the poster go and went back home.
I needed to check on the boys.
As I drove back, I saw the now empty fields of the Gafferds Farm. They were larger than ours, but they had still managed to get their harvest in on time. Well, they had farmhands and helpers, too, didn't they? As I drove past, I saw the wind push a sprawl of corn husk across the ground and heard something rattle against my senses. It was the same scattering of words I had heard for weeks. It invited me out to the field. It invited me to return to the earth.
I shook my head and rolled up the window.
I had been hearing that voice a lot lately.
At first, it almost sounded like the voice of Dale. I would hear him just outside my window at night, sometimes, Thomas too, and I would get out of bed and walk to the porch. I would dream that I could see them there, inviting me into the cornfield, but I would always wake up just before I stepped off the porch. Then I'd be standing in the moonlight, the corn swaying, as the breeze promised peace amongst the swaying stalks.
So far, I had been able to resist its call, though I always kind of wondered if these were the voices that had stolen my son and husband from me.
I returned to find a state of utter chaos.
Bradly was trying to stop Greg as he destroyed our field of pumpkins. It was pretty clear that he had come along after Greg started, probably heard him as he was hitting them with that ax handle, and came to investigate. He was swinging a rake at him, standing between him and the few pumpkins that were left, and Greg was breathing like a wounded animal as he tried to get around him. The field had been mostly harvested. Only about forty or so of the big gords had remained, but now it was more like ten or twelve that Bradly was trying to protect. I was proud of him for it. The pumpkins were our cash crop, the farm is known for growing quality pumpkins, and we supply most of the pumpkins in the area for harvest festivals, pumpkin carvings, and the like. Why Greg was trying to ruin them, I had no idea.
"What in the hell is going on!" I shouted, coming out of the truck and running into the mostly harvested field.
The two stopped, looking at me sheepishly, but on Greg, the look seemed more frustrated that he hadn't gotten to finish. Bradly pointed at his brother and said, haltingly as he too was out of breath, that he had caught him out here smashing the pumpkins. I felt something fall onto my neck as he talked about how the two had started to fight and slapped a hand over it as a fat raindrop fell onto my head. I looked up at the sky, hopeless dread welling up in me as the rain started coming down.
In October?
Out here, that could mean the death of the rest of our crops. It wasn't too bad right now. The weather was still around sixty while the sun was up, but it would quickly become colder, and tonight it could very well freeze. Dale would have known what to do about that, but I had no clue. I told Bradly to grab some pumpkins and get them in the barn. I didn't bother with Greg, he was clearly off in his own world, but he let us get the rest of the pumpkins out of the field. He ran away as we hustled the pumpkins inside, and I didn't see him for the rest of the night. Bradly and I tried to get some of the squash and the beans in too, but it was soon getting dark, and we were both soaked to the bone. I looked for Greg as we ran inside. The rain was really coming down now as the angry clouds blocked out what little sun was left.
When I realized he wasn't inside either, though, I turned to go look for him. Bradly grabbed my arm as I tried to leave, though, and shook his head. He didn't say anything, but his face was so nakedly afraid that I almost couldn't bear to leave him. Greg, however, was also my son, and he needed me too.
I stood on the porch and called him, my words disappearing into the wind.
As I stood on the porch, I heard the wind pushing the voice of something to me. It was a voice I had heard much too often. It promised me peace, safety, and rest eternally if only I would come to the field. The stalks parted, stalks that should not have been there, and suddenly I was seeing them again. Dale held Thomas in his arms, Thomas asleep as his nightshirt fluttered a little. Greg stood with them, beckoning me as the three stood framed in the hazy moonlight, the rain still falling in sheets. They called to me, begged me to come to them, and I suddenly felt my resolve wavering as my family stood ready to embrace me.
I took a step towards them.
They seemed to grow excited, the rain bothering them not at all, as they waved and called to me.
The boards creaked as I took another step.
They all seemed to take a step backward into the corn, and I felt the anxiety well up inside me.
The rain was cold on my arms as I stepped onto the porch steps.
I heard the door open, but I didn't stop until Bradly called my name.
"Mama!" he said, his voice high and scared, "please come back. Don't leave me too."
I stood in the muddy yard for a moment before turning around and heading back inside.
I looked back only once.
Hopefully, I have the strength to refuse tomorrow as well.
But I don't know.
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2021.10.27 12:37 alexl0ve13 $MCAD is happening!

Next stop, the moon 🌝
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2021.10.27 12:37 dbrarreddit Get 2 FREE stocks with my Wealthsimple Trade referral code.

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2021.10.27 12:37 Typical-Strike-9313 Any guys who have cuddled with their brothers before?

Growing up I use to do it all the time so I'm curious how common it is.
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2021.10.27 12:37 deltabravo76254 Another pen sketch everydays inktober 😂

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2021.10.27 12:37 Dtharme The spare part and plasticard conversion Hellound / Chimera complete and ready to roll

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2021.10.27 12:37 Peachiedew Progress so far.

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2021.10.27 12:37 eminedgdfgfd Innerscope to acquire 100% of the equity in Hearing Assist II (OTC: INND)

Innerscope has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire 100% of the equity in Hearing Assist II. Founded in 2008, headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, HearingAssist has sold more than 500,000 hearing aids to nearly 400,000 customers via direct-to-consumer or through retail partners and generated $72 million in top-line revenues. HearingAssist's products are currently displayed in over 757 Walmart’s in five states.
Matthew Moore, President, and CEO of InnerScope went on to state: "InnerScope and its management team are excited about the Acquisition of HearingAssist. The Acquisition will leverage our combined expertise and resources to accelerate our business development to the next level. InnerScope's management team has strived to build a company that can compete with the "Big-Five" global manufactures, which control 98% of all hearing aids sold of the $10+ billion-dollar market."
This is not investing advice.
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2021.10.27 12:37 User41326 Need Help

I met a guy, a family friend in August this year and we hit it off instantly. He even planned to go out the next day, but slept until 3 so canceled. We talked everyday until around the 18th or so when texts became sparse to eventually none. I inquired to see why and was told the guy didn’t know when he’d want to talk. I acknowledged that I was still here for him. A couple days later all of a sudden a message. We carried on a good conversation after he tried to see if I was upset about the lack of communication. Of course things went well for a few more days until nothing. I inquired again and was told I was pushing him away because of my behavior (came on too strong). I apologized, it was accepted then nothing again. A few weeks go by and I pop in to see how he is after an unfortunate event. He’s fine and acts cordial but no more conversation. All the while still on my social media and even liked a post of mine. He comes back in October and apologizes saying he took me for granted and he was sorry for how he treated me. He also expressed a want to still see me when I return to see my family on Christmas vacation. We are a distance away. I accept and say yes we still can see each other as he asks and things go so well. Promises were even made to fly me out to see him if he decides he’s moving for work. He Acts so very sweet and talks to me everyday for two weeks and now nothing again. Good morning messages and messages asking how i was doing. I thought things were good. I guess not. Am I being played? Strung along? Is there any chance he is genuine? He just talked to me Thursday. Is there someone else? Or am I just not it?
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2021.10.27 12:37 SlevinScags Check out that face paint, are these people OG Juggalos? ha ha

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2021.10.27 12:37 SpicyTaterTotz [Academic] Prosthetic Liner Questionnaire (Any Aged Member with Prosthetics + Person who Knows Someone who Utilizes Them)

Hello there! I am hoping everyone in this group is feeling well today. I am a senior university student currently conducting an innovation project for a Biodesign class to eventually present to a board of individuals some time in December. I wanted to reach out to this group for assistance regarding the product idea that my partner and I had. To elaborate further, we will be establishing the idea of a prosthetic liner to compete after conducting research on prosthetic liners currently as well as reading through dissertations that elaborate more on the product.
We fully believe that feedback is of utmost importance since people who utilize these products on a daily basis can not only speak from their own experiences, but they hold knowledge that they have received from clinicians and other professionals. Considering this, as well, it can assist innovators to pivot their product to tailor in a more oriented manner. With this in mind, my project partner and I conducted a survey of some questions which will broaden our horizons and understandings on the utilization of these prosthetic liners. There is more information shown within the Google Form as far as how feedback will be utilized.
Google Form for Amputees:
Thank you so much. I hope the week ahead brings you all wonderful things.
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2021.10.27 12:37 Shlt-Lord Clearly

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2021.10.27 12:37 12ozArmCurls 25 [M4A] Anyone else at work and bored?

Anyone else wasting their companies time wanna snap it up? Message me for my snap :)
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2021.10.27 12:37 Accomplished_Soft_23 Mfs be like “dm me if you want to vent” and then proceed to talk like an NPC 💀💀

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