Recommendations: Co-working spaces / laptop friendly coffee shops in the City Centre

2021.10.27 14:58 I_am_the_danger_ Recommendations: Co-working spaces / laptop friendly coffee shops in the City Centre

Looking for somewhere I can work on my laptop all day / ½ a day in the city centre to break up the monotony of working from home most of the week. I don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription to a co-working space as it will be as-hoc and a few times a month at most. Attentively happy to use a coffee shop as long as it is friendly to laptop users - comfy seats, decent WiFi, power sockets, and I can stay for multiple hours at a time.
Any recommends welcome.
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2021.10.27 14:58 Pink_Emma New dress and my first pair of heels

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2021.10.27 14:58 Joon5253 [XB1] H: Gour 50c25 Fixer. Exe2515r Fixer. B2525 GP. W: Ult Bols AP/Explo resist/ wwr PA RA/LA/LL pieces. Or B Alien Blaster offer

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2021.10.27 14:58 vanilla_skies_ For Halloween, I considering calling my asshole dad and telling him I have cancer.

I guess I choose trick. lol
He's truly a piece of shit and I don't feel bad for considering it lmao.
I asked him for a bit of money when I was literally starving and he left me on read. He drives a Mercedes.
SO YEAH I didn't tell anyone I'm close to because I think it's kind of a wtf thing and I would be judged for it but it's mostly to amuse myself. lol.
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2021.10.27 14:58 hgilbert_01 I find my individuality through “personal preferences” as they pertain to the “Self”, rather than in the “Self” itself

Right then…
Prefacing Thoughts

These Preferences
Relating to Others
Thank you.
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2021.10.27 14:58 Bing-o US State Department issues first passport with X gender marker

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2021.10.27 14:58 Nicknsfw18 PIC

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2021.10.27 14:58 birdinthebush74 The Texas Abortion Ban Handed Abusers A Whole New Tool To Control Their Victims With

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2021.10.27 14:58 NotWorthSaving Nidus with Nautilus and Cordon precept for super fast stacks, easy steel path and affinity farm.

I prefer to do most things solo. Such as ranking weapons and farming steel essence. My map of choice is Gabii, Ceres. Because it has +26% for weapon kills and +21% for melee kills. (yes, l know Hydron is where most people farm affinity but it's not very solo friendly) Smash out your stacks real quick and easy as infested rush you. Slap on a parasitic link, pop ravenous when acolytes show it's impossible for them to kill Nidus with 100 stacks. Easily do 45 minutes or an hour solo and never die once. Super easy arcane farm. Anyone else have a similar solo affinity/steel essence/arcane farm?
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2021.10.27 14:58 Iosis Struggle for Freedom - Job Changes and Party Composition Ideas?

I'm about to start a playthrough with the Struggle for Freedom mod. I think I'm going to go with the rebalanced 12 jobs, because putting together party compositions is part of the fun of playing FFXII for me, so I want to have some of that under my control.
Could anyone summarize what the major differences are with job balance in the most recent version of Struggle for Freedom? I know u/teo48220 has explained them before, but that was also a couple years ago and I know there have been significant changes since then, so I'm not sure how much of that is still accurate (for example, Machinist being an Esper-focused job no longer seems to be the case).
Also, anyone have any party compositions that have been fun? I'm pretty experienced with party compositions in the normal version of Zodiac Age (I made the old megathread for it a few years back when it first came out) but with SFF's changes, I'm curious if there are new combos that are more fun than they would've been in Zodiac Age, if that makes sense.
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2021.10.27 14:58 Crowned_Walker Anon sonar smoke color, too dark for variable conditions?

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2021.10.27 14:58 priorbj Celeste reference

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2021.10.27 14:58 unterminateable Any word on Robinhood???

So we see the marketcap increase, and all these people switching from doge, but has there been any more word on robinhood??
If that happens that they announce you can trade shiba on robinhood, that might be a big reason to start celebrating!!
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2021.10.27 14:58 Ren_GER How about No

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2021.10.27 14:58 AbyssStone Would you eat objectively delicious, clean, customizable hotdogs a guy named Doug shits out in San Diego? Why?

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2021.10.27 14:58 Total-Cereal I have bounced around from 3 jobs in less than 2 years, why can't I find one that I truly enjoy?

I graduated with my BS in cybersecurity in August 2019 and am currently on my 3rd job since. My first job was a sort of server admin role that I was supposed to be trained up in (but never was, so it was a drag), my 2nd job was helpdesk at a hospital, and now my new job is helpdesk for a health clinic. Every step of the way, I have found myself dissatisfied with where I am at and constantly wanting change. I thoroughly enjoyed my previous job and enjoyed it most days, but it did not pay well and growth opportunities were limited so I looked for something new. I found my current job which is a fairly similar help desk role, but I was promised opportunities to do more backend work which was exciting. However, now that I'm here I've realized that isn't really the case after all. I was much happier at my last job and regret having left it so soon (at least the pay is better here) but it's too late now and I'm stuck here.
I'm starting to wonder of this is the right field for me. I don't want to wander around my entire career working jobs for 6-12 months trying to find one I like, but I don't want to stick to these jobs I dislike either. Technology is the only thing I really know well, and I have very little skill in anything else. Is there anything I can do to find a job that I actually enjoy? Or maybe working a job you hate is normal and I just don't know it yet.
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2021.10.27 14:58 Gio_13 Design Sprint App

I've created a quick prototype of the design sprint process app.
I'd love to talk with Non-Profit/NGO reps, Hackathon & Ideathon organizers, Design Sprint Masters to see how this app can help you solve problems. Hopefully, helping us further develop the app. Making it live sooner than later.
You can see the DEMO at this LINK
You can check out what Creative Coalition App is all about at this LINK
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2021.10.27 14:58 Zaah_ Anyone got rid of Costochontriditis? or anyone have done any surgery for costochondrititis like ( injections or other)? I have seen more than 10 doctors been doing a lot of injections but it didn’t help much but it did help a bit

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2021.10.27 14:58 shortbuthott84 36 [M4F] - Denver - Fun, smart, good looking guy ready to meet a wonderful classy woman

I have been working a lot lately and haven't had much time to decompress, and it's that time of year when my job starts to slow down a bit, so I have some time on my hands now! I don't really do online dating that often, but here on Reddit, at least I can be more descriptive of what I desire. You can't define character on those sites, but my therapist says I need to try and put myself out there more. Soooo...
About me: I have my own place, never married and no kids, I like to go hiking, rollerblading, go to games, and shows, and pretty open minded and can make the best and have fun in pretty much any situation.
What I am looking for: Preferably a woman over 30, but would LOVE to be able to entice an older woman! (40+) I quit drinking 10 years ago, so I would prefer someone who isn't a heavy drinker. (I do smoke weed, so I'm no angel! 🙊)
I'm in pretty good shape, I do need to hit the gym more often (don't we all), but right at the weight I need to be for my height, and I don't really want a gym rat, but being relatively healthy and outdoorsy is a bonus!
I'm having a good time, and somewhat happy at the moment, and would just like to be around a fun woman who can hang and enjoy our time, but understands and appreciates each other's independence.
Hopefully this gets a couple of views, or maybe this post was more for what I desire in a woman, but I do have a lot to offer and I'm having fun!
Who wants to have some fun with me?!?!
DM's preferred
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2021.10.27 14:58 CheckOk563 100k holders!!

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2021.10.27 14:58 Hierschreibeichgerne Streak 1: Heute beginne ich mit meinen Streaks an!

Hallo an alle! Ich habe seit 5 Monaten ganz alleine Deutsch gelernt und bin etwa im Niveau B1. Ich finde diese Platform total cool und die Muttersprachler, die unsere Beiträge korrekturen und Feedback geben, sehr wichtig, um unser Deutsch zu verbessern.
Morgen schreibe ich eine längere Post auf!
Bis dann!
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2021.10.27 14:58 Cesar-Grafietti [AMA] Eu sou Cesar Grafietti, especialista em Gestão e Finanças do Futebol. Pergunte-me qualquer coisa!

Fala pessoal!
Chegou a hora da nossa entrevista com o convidado Cesar Grafietti
Cesar Grafietti tem 49 anos de idade, é economista e especialista em gestão e finanças do esporte/futebol. Reside em Milão e em São Paulo.
Cesar é responsável pelo desenvolvimento de análise financeira para variadas indústrias, tendo como base 27 anos de experiência no mercado financeiro brasileiro.
É responsável pelo anuário "Análise da Condição Financeira dos Clubes do Futebol Brasileiro" para o Itaú BBA. Também desenvolve e reestrutura modelos financeiros para clubes de futebol.
Em nome da CBF, é o desenvolvedor do modelo de Fair Play Financeiro para os clubes de futebol.
Cesar também é colunista da InfoMoney, já participou do programa Bola da Vez da ESPN (2015), trabalhou por 23 anos como Diretor Geral do Itaú BBA (Análise de Crédito) e é formado em Economia pelo Mackenzie desde 1995, além de possuir uma pós em Banking desde 2002, pela mesma instituição.

Podem começar à fazer suas perguntas nos comentários abaixo! Vamos selecionar mais ou menos em ordem das que estiverem no topo deste post, até que o nosso convidado peça pra parar de enviar perguntas. O Cesar vai chegar por volta das 18h e vai responder as perguntas por áudio no WhatsApp – nós digitaremos as respostas através desta conta u/Cesar-Grafietti
Qualquer comentário ou pergunta que quebre as regras do sub ou que seja desrespeitosa ao convidado será apagada.
Sugerimos que vocês ordenem os comentários por Q&A (Questions & Answers) caso vocês não adotem o padrão do sub.
Comprovação de identidade do convidado (vídeo):
Mídia do convidado: UOL Esporte: Dividida com Mauro Cézar Pereira, Exame: Grafietti vê alguns clubes com decadência irreversível, GloboEsporte: "Futebol não é grande negócio", ft. Rodrigo Capelo e Cesar Grafietti, Superesportes entrevista Cesar Grafietti, LinkedIn, Coluna - InfoMoney, Site Oficial, NoAngulo: Cesar Grafietti, Agencia Brasil: Cesar Grafietti
Instagram: @cesargrafietti / Twitter: @cesargrafietti
Agradecimentos: Cesar Grafietti.
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2021.10.27 14:58 OwlIsBack [How To] [Task] Bluetooth Client And Server. Send/Receive Data/String(s) From Tasker (Directly) To Other Device(s) Running A Bluetooth Server. (No Plug-ins).

With the following two Tasks (plug-ins free), We will implement a basic (simplified and bare bones) Bluetooth Server ("receiver") and a Bluetooth Client ("sender"). Server and Client can be exported as Tasker Kid Apps.
What will We need to send data to another Taskedevice?

Disclaimer: "Tasker BT Server" important caveats:
Isn't Tasker "server powered" useless in this case?
The above situation isn't suitable for Us...A couple of hints:
  1. We can "compile" (with Tasker App Factory) a Kid App that We can use as independent Bluetooth Server, that will send (via intent) received data to the resident Tasker.
  2. As above, a Kid App, containing not only the Server Task but all the Action(s)/Task(s) that We want to perform per command.
Tasker Kid App(s) will need to have the appropriate Bluetooth related permissions.
Bluetooth Client.
This will be our "data/commands sender":
Task: Bluetooth Client A1: Variable Set [ Name: %bluetooth_status_old To: %BLUE Max Rounding Digits: 3 ] A2: Bluetooth [ Set: On ] If [ %bluetooth_status_old eq off ] A3: Input Dialog [ Title: Bluetooth CMD Text: Type a command ("Server Shutdown" to stop server): Default Input: This is a test... Close After (Seconds): 120 Continue Task After Error:On ] A4: If [ %input ~R \%input ] A5: Flash [ Text: Operation cancelled! Long: On ] A6: Stop [ ] A7: Else A8: Variable Set [ Name: %cmd To: %input Max Rounding Digits: 3 ] A9: End If  Important. Set the same UUID in Server. 
We can change It using "Tasker Function" > "GenerateUUID()".> A10: Java Function [ Return: uuid Class Or Object: UUID Function: fromString {UUID} (String) Param 1 (String): "1b89d132-81fd-4124-8bbb-27d14d2ae752" ] We can get MAC address of remote device(es) using "Bluetooth Connection" action.> A11: Variable Set [ Name: %address To: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX Max Rounding Digits: 3 ] A12: Java Function [ Return: bt_adapter Class Or Object: BluetoothAdapter Function: getDefaultAdapter {BluetoothAdapter} () ] A13: Java Function [ Return: device Class Or Object: bt_adapter Function: getRemoteDevice {BluetoothDevice} (String) Param 1 (String): "%address" ] A14: Java Function [ Return: bt_socket Class Or Object: device Function: createRfcommSocketToServiceRecord {BluetoothSocket} (UUID) Param 1 (UUID): uuid ] A15: Java Function [ Class Or Object: bt_adapter Function: cancelDiscovery {boolean} () ] A16: Java Function [ Class Or Object: bt_socket Function: connect {} () Continue Task After Error:On ] A17: If [ %err Set ] A18: Java Function [ Class Or Object: bt_socket Function: close {} () Continue Task After Error:On ] A19: Flash [ Text: Remote device unreachable! Long: On ] A20: Goto [ Type: Action Label Label: End ] A21: End If A22: Java Function [ Return: out_stream Class Or Object: bt_socket Function: getOutputStream {OutputStream} () ] A23: Java Function [ Return: msg_buffer Class Or Object: "%cmd" Function: getBytes {byte[]} () ] A24: Java Function [ Class Or Object: out_stream Function: write {} (byte[]) Param 1 (byte[]): msg_buffer ] A25: Flash [ Text: CMD sent! Long: On ] A26: Java Function [ Class Or Object: out_stream Function: flush {} () ] A27: Java Function [ Class Or Object: out_stream Function: close {} () ] A28: Java Function [ Class Or Object: bt_socket Function: close {} () Continue Task After Error:On ] A29: Bluetooth [ ] If [ %bluetooth_status_old eq off ]
Bluetooth Client - Taskernet
Bluetooth Server.
This will be our "data/commands listeneexecutor":
Task: Bluetooth Server  A1: [X] Ask Permissions [ Required Permissions: android.permission.BLUETOOTH android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN ] A2: Bluetooth [ Set: On ] If [ %BLUE eq off ] A3: Notify [ Title: Tasker Bluetooth Server Text: Running... Number: 0 Permanent: On Priority: 5 LED Colour: Red LED Rate: 0 ]  Important. Set the same UUID in Client.> A4: Java Function [ Return: uuid Class Or Object: UUID Function: fromString {UUID} (String) Param 1 (String): "1b89d132-81fd-4124-8bbb-27d14d2ae752" ]  A5: Java Function [ Return: default_adapter Class Or Object: BluetoothAdapter Function: getDefaultAdapter {BluetoothAdapter} () ]  A6: Java Function [ Return: listen_server_socket Class Or Object: default_adapter Function: listenUsingRfcommWithServiceRecord {BluetoothServerSocket} (String, UUID) Param 1 (String): "My Service" Param 2 (UUID): uuid ]  A7: Java Function [ Return: socket Class Or Object: listen_server_socket Function: accept {BluetoothSocket} () ]  A8: Java Function [ Class Or Object: listen_server_socket Function: close {} () ]  A9: Java Function [ Return: tmp_in_stream Class Or Object: socket Function: getInputStream {InputStream} () ]  A10: Java Function [ Return: main_in_stream Class Or Object: DataInputStream Function: new {DataInputStream} (InputStream) Param 1 (InputStream): tmp_in_stream ]  A11: Java Function [ Return: buffer Class Or Object: byte[] Function: new {byte[]} (int) Param 1 (int): 1024 ]  A12: Variable Clear [ Name: %cmd ]  A13: Java Function [ Return: %bytes Class Or Object: main_in_stream Function: read {int} (byte[]) Param 1 (byte[]): buffer Continue Task After Error:On ] A14: If [ %err !Set ]  A15: Java Function [ Return: %string Class Or Object: String Function: new {String} (byte[], int, int) Param 1 (byte[]): buffer Param 2 (int): 0 Param 3 (int): %bytes ]  A16: Variable Set [ Name: %cmd To: %string Append: On Max Rounding Digits: 3 ]  A17: Goto [ Type: Action Label Label: Go On ] A18: End If A19: Goto [ Type: Action Label Label: Finalize ] If [ %cmd eq Server Showdown ] A20: Parse/Format DateTime [ Input Type: Now (Current Date And Time) Output Format: HH:mm:ss Output Offset Type: None ] A21: Notify [ Title: Tasker Bluetooth Server Text: Last CMD received at %formatted Number: 0 Permanent: On Priority: 5 LED Colour: Red LED Rate: 0 ]  A22: Flash [ Text: %cmd Long: On ]  A23: Java Function [ Class Or Object: tmp_in_stream Function: close {} () ] A24: Java Function [ Class Or Object: main_in_stream Function: close {} () ] A25: Goto [ Type: Action Label Label: Initialize the listenesocket. ] If [ %cmd neq Server Shutdown ] A26: Notify Cancel [ Title: Tasker Bluetooth Server ] 
Bluetooth Server - Taskernet
Some use case Eg.:
  • Mirror notifications.
  • Open/send an url on/to Server device.
  • Send Clipboard to Server device.
  • Make our own Bluetooth remote.
  • Etc..
To receive/send data/commands on/from PC (or other devices Eg.: Arduino), I suggest to search for Python (or other languages) Bluetooth ServeClient.
Tip: (Fast pairing) If We send command/data to a not-paired device, We will automatically receive the request to accept the pairing.
Info: Bluetooth Server (Kid App), running one week (24h/24h), used an average of 0.3% of battery (Samsung A71 and A50, both Android 11).
Take those Tasks as basic templates and try to modify It to suit your needs.
I hope You will find this post useful.
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2021.10.27 14:58 ifiagreedwithu The word "unexamined" is underlined in red on your favorite social websites. Their business models rely on torrents of unexamined babbling.

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2021.10.27 14:58 fapus645 Jonita Gandhi sexy boobs. Her bra line makes me hard

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