bd69a 32738 z9rss ainbh s4b7h 2s84t i52d4 26ryt ket42 959k6 h6zi4 68f52 4brre fb9z2 t86a3 satrn n2ha8 967ez t829k 6fr65 bk47n How does even Samsung not know what ROM (read-only memory) is? Also, "ROM memory" is "read-only memory memory" |

How does even Samsung not know what ROM (read-only memory) is? Also, "ROM memory" is "read-only memory memory"

2021.10.27 14:33 Credix How does even Samsung not know what ROM (read-only memory) is? Also, "ROM memory" is "read-only memory memory"

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2021.10.27 14:33 roaringaspie What is this

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2021.10.27 14:33 ShortAlgo Waiting for Buy signal on $MIC

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2021.10.27 14:33 Physical_Hunt7583 säljer bara

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2021.10.27 14:33 Ill-Departure-4956 Covid rules in Bucharest apply in all towns?

Are there different measures in place for different places? Like for example do the covid rules that apply in Bucharest, apply in Brașov or Sibiu for example…
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2021.10.27 14:33 Reasonable_Sink63 PHUN is shorted by 324% how is that posible? I bought some at 5.18 and they keep shorting it.

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2021.10.27 14:33 _peepeepee_ Sheesh 🥶🥵 u look hella cutte today y/n

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2021.10.27 14:33 npoggi79 Best Investigations?

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2021.10.27 14:33 CyberCubes [Windows XP][2004-2006]Top Down Game about an egg in walking around

Platform(s): Windows XP Genre: Adventure-Puzzle(?)-Top down Estimated year of release: 2002-2005? Graphics/art style: 3d graphics Notable characters: 2 playable characters were eggs with eyes, one of them had a beanie on. Notable gameplay mechanics: You could only move on a 2d plane (up down left right), there was one part of a stage where you had to go through a very narrow bridge while evading projectiles shot by stationary enemies, the enemies only shot in a straight line, those enemies looked like a purple geometric shapes with eyes. Other details: the stage I talked about earlier was set in the sky, with the ground looking like checkered tiles.
Also, its aesthetic looked very similar to this flashgame (how eggs looked and checkered tile style): Although the gameplay doesn't match the game in question at all
Thank you in advance!
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2021.10.27 14:33 rol_ler Blading on Sony's new phone promo video.

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2021.10.27 14:33 ItsRainway Name ideas starting with F

So I really don't like my name anymore and need a new one that preferably starts with "F", name would be used for gaming etc. also would be cool if the name was clean and not with a bunch of underscores etc
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2021.10.27 14:33 rubberdamclamp If your baby falls asleep on the drive home, do you....

(I know what the recommendation is, but I’m curious what we do realistically)
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2021.10.27 14:33 Gwayle Double Bongcloud Draw: Denied

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2021.10.27 14:33 Hasselbuddy Random sticker pickup. Believe it’s 2nd Gen era so pre-86.

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2021.10.27 14:33 Rajjahrw Wario, Princess Daisy , and Baby Luigi

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2021.10.27 14:33 reddit_feed_bot @barnes_law: This was great fun w/ @Timcast @sourpatchlyds @Lukewearechange & the entire crew. Discussing #Rittenhouse #Baldwin #VaccineMandates and more...

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2021.10.27 14:33 Your1stparkingticket This subreddit is being astroturfed to make it seem we are pro-communism

I don't know what the hell is going on in this sub, but if you legitimately believe a transition to communism is the way out of this mess then you are a fucking idiot.
I strongly believe this sub is being astroturfed to give the appearance of being pro-communist so that the subreddit as a whole can be completely disregarded, and with it all the valid points we are making.
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2021.10.27 14:33 GuardianXCII Halo Infinite assault rifle comparison (2020 vs 2021)

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2021.10.27 14:33 watchheroes [Project In Progress]

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2021.10.27 14:33 TheJazzCaptain Record clamps?

I’m trying to find a cheap yet classy looking record clamp for my green custom Orbit, any suggestions? <$50 would be great
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2021.10.27 14:33 TheLibertyLoft Just think of it as a small quadrillion

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2021.10.27 14:33 GeneralCupcake1 Trust to Coinbase

Hi. I screwed up. Tried to send Shiba Inu from Trust Wallet to Coinbase. Got lost. Then bought ETH on Trust to exchange to BNB. That didn’t work. Got lost. Then, bought $150 of BNB in Trust Wallet and connected to my wallet via and all that shit is gone now, too. Can anyone help me??
Shiba transfer
ETH transfer
BNB transfer
thanks all.
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2021.10.27 14:33 FwDorisdavenport132 Unpopular opinions: I don’t like the Joyce/Hopper relationship as much bc of season 3

It felt like they ruined their dynamic and it turned into Hopper screaming a ton at Joyce which is not what she needs? Idk it’s one of many issues I have w season 3, I did not end the season shipping it
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2021.10.27 14:33 Ymuroe Jujutsu Kaisen characters normal jobs

What jobs do you guys see our cast having?
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2021.10.27 14:33 crispysugar 2nd Day W/4.0 - Strap Randomly Stopped Connecting and Won't Finish Catching Up

Is this normal? For some reason, the strap stopped sending data to the app yesterday evening at a random time and has not yet caught up as of almost lunchtime today. I didn't realize until I woke up this morning when I excitedly went to see my recovery score. Instead, the app thinks yesterday is today and says the last time it received info from the strap was yesterday evening. This was when I woke up at 6:30 a.m. It started catching up when I woke up. 5 hours later, it is still "catching up" with no change to my screen otherwise... Is this normal? I am waiting for help from Tech Support but it's been hours. While I wait, can anyone help? I'm nervous about restarting or resetting without some additional guidance... I can't believe I waited 10 weeks for Whoop to arrive, just to have things go awry on Day 2. I had a great first day with my 4.0, I have been diligent about keeping the app open, keeping Bluetooth / data on, as I know that the watch and phone need to be constantly connected. At no point did I close the app or lose bluetooth/data connection on my iPhone 11 Pro Max (updated to the latest iOS as well). Background refresh is and has been enabled. Thanks in advance.
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