What's up with the jones emblems on people's cars?

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2021.10.27 12:19 S7QN What's up with the jones emblems on people's cars?

Is it a dealership or these people's last name? I've seen it on all kinds of models of cars through the years
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2021.10.27 12:19 PlagueDoctor_049 What does Ichiban say when he's giving fearless command

Title. I just can't seem to find what he says when he's doing that and for some reason I'm really curious about it
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2021.10.27 12:19 noobfl ich_iel

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2021.10.27 12:19 Godverdommeuh openshot crash in ubuntu

I am using ubuntu 20.04 and openshot video editor
last time however openshot crashes after a few seconds of trying to use it: Sometimes it loads and crashes instantly, sometimes it looks like it is working but crashes after a few clicks.
Is there any explenation or solution?
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2021.10.27 12:19 throwaway_desuka Monsta Party NFTs will soon be invading the Project Oasis Metaverse

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2021.10.27 12:19 TOmissy Can anyone help me identify the pattern and age of this Alfred Meakin china? Found in sale in Canada

Also can anyone tell me if the saucer is actually a small bowl as it doesn't have an indent for a cup.
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2021.10.27 12:19 8BitCassettesNFT I'll keep shilling my cassettes till i get another sale! Keep the hustle going guys! Never lose hope! 😤😤😤 Grab this bad boys on Opensea 🌊 *LINK FIRST COMMENT*

I'll keep shilling my cassettes till i get another sale! Keep the hustle going guys! Never lose hope! 😤😤😤 Grab this bad boys on Opensea 🌊 *LINK FIRST COMMENT* submitted by 8BitCassettesNFT to NFT [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 12:19 ChimpTang Visiting my mom's house, this is Riley Cat. He is a rescue, a year and 4 months old and such a big cat. Already 18 pounds and still growing.

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2021.10.27 12:19 TiredDM89 That Lich Act V Choice

This isn't Owlcat's fault; they're limited by the rules of the Pathfinder setting, but the Lich Act V forced "lol I'm eeeevil" choice makes me appreciate the Forgotten Realms approach to the undead. Although, I don't know. Given how absurd but awesome. I appreciate the chance to tell Pharasma to fuck herself the secret ending is with regards to Pathfinder canon, I feel like the Owlcat writers could have just said fuck it and ignored Paizo's stupid rules. Like, that ending flies in the face of so much canon and it's glorious.
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2021.10.27 12:19 edwinkorir Alireza Firouzja's win today moved him up two places above Grischuk and So to world no. 7 on the live rating list!

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2021.10.27 12:19 cocag13996 Why is CZ2005 Lab so ****?

Imagine having to fill in countless rows in multiple CSVs per lab, repetitively.
If want to test concept, then don't give so many entries to waste time on, and prone to mistakes well because you have to type the same useless data over and over again

anyone else feels the same?
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2021.10.27 12:19 Wendigo120 Soulthirst builds with the massive 3.16 flask buffs

I figured I'd ramble a bit about my leaguestarter Winter Orb Soulthirst Occultist because I haven't seen anyone else mention it on here. When I saw the base flask duration changes that a lot of flasks were getting for this patch, Soulthirst immediately came to mind. It's a belt that gives you Soul Eater (5% attack/cast speed per stack, gain a stack for every kill) while you have a flask running, but you lose all stacks when it runs out or when you use any flask.
By the end of a map I generally have 800-1200 stacks depending on density and layout. That means 4000% to 6000% increased attack and cast speed. That makes for some very fast leap slams. I've seen it hit 0.02 seconds attack time, which means I was doing 50 leap slams per second.
The Flasks Last I looked at them, Soulthirst builds used long duration mana flasks and juggled their mana so it always stayed below max.
Now, with the 8 second (or 8.5 for bismuth) base duration on a bunch of the utility flasks you can get very long duration flasks that both require less maintenance and give you all of the usual utility flask stuff. You can get 100% inc duration from the enkindling orb enchant, 35% from the duration affix, and 20% from quality which puts it at just over 20 seconds per use. With my current rolls, my rolled flasks are all in the 19-20 second range. That puts the Soul Eater at the same duration as the one from Zerphi's Heart. That's not super long... yet. But there are a lot of ways to scale that duration to much longer.
Scaling Flask Duration With the updated tree, there's 85% increased flask effect duration available on the regular tree. All of it is just below the ranger start, in the Druidic Rite, Field Medicine, and Natural Remedies clusters. I take all but one of those nodes, skipping the second small node at Field Medicine.
Medium cluster jewels have a Flask Effect Duration base type that can add even more, up to 8% per small node. With one 6 point jewel you get 5 of those nodes.
Survival Instincts is a unique jewel that adds another 50% flask duration at the downside of generating fewer charges. This build aims to complete a map in one chug of your flasks, so the jewel is basically pure upside. It's also super easy to get, you get it from one of the quests in act 2.
This scales multiplicatively with the duration increases on your flask. Currently I have 140% increased flask duration, boosting my flask duration to almost 50 seconds.
There is one more way of multiplying that number even further. Temporal Chains increases the duration of buffs and debuffs on you. If you can curse yourself with a strong enough Temporal Chains, you can make debuffs expire up to 75% slower. That means that a 50 second flask duration becomes 200 seconds, well over 3 minutes.
I do this by with Rotblood Promise to use Temp Chains as an aura. That causes the curse to also apply to you at 20% reduced effect. I then scale up that curse effect with 2 small curse cluster jewels with the new Doedre's Apathy notable (20% inc temp chains effect each) and the helm enchant (30% for the uber lab version). I get 15% curse effect from Skittering Runes on the tree and 25% from my occultist nodes. With the curse as an aura, I grab Supreme Ego to get a 50% more multiplier to the effect. I then top it off with Solstice Vigil. The buff it gives stacks additively with the upside of Temporal Chains.
Skills Soulthirst really looks for 2 things in a skill: being able to use it without running out of mana, and being able to use it with a leap slamming weapon.
These are some of the skills that work for that:

You can also make other skills cost 0 mana per use though various -X to total mana cost mods, or find a way to gain more mana than you spend like enough mana on hit.
I think leap slam is pretty mandatory as a movement skill. It scales incredibly well with attack speed. You're really just looking for a skill that isn't cooldown gated and has the ability to go over obstacles. Everything else doesn't matter, as 1000%+ attack speed will make it so fast it's hard to control anyway.
Don't plan on using Vaal skills. Soul Eater eats the souls that would charge them, so you get at most 1 use out of it per map and only if you delay your ramp up by a bunch at the start.
Gear There's a few important gear pieces, roughly in order of importance:
Outside of Solstice Vigil, most of those should be available for under 10 chaos. The jewels I rolled myself, as I just needed a fairly common roll on some really cheap cluster jewel bases (because who else would want flask duration?). Most of the uniques are 1c max, and in a couple of days probably 1c with good corrupts even.
Scourge I just want to give a special mention that this league mechanic is super good for this build. It's a mechanic that gets more rewarding the faster you can clear AND it gives you a whole bunch of souls in the process.
It's very doable to clear most of the map in the nightmare version if you're diligent about tapping V whenever the bar is nearing full. In good layouts it's very possible to basically run out of packs to clear. There's probably some with that respawn, but the nightmare feels very empty after you've cleared most of the map in it.
Final thoughts This build is a real blast to play... in some content. It's great for general mapping, with some investment and good timing you can do Conquerors pretty decently as long as you get there with stacks up. It is absolutely amazing at scourge, and if you want to give this build a shot I highly recommend doing it this league just because of the league mechanic already.
On the other hand, it might be the single worst build I've ever played at doing literally anything that doesn't have at least ~100 things to kill beforehand. I've struggled (and died to) even the 3/4 boss maven invitations. I don't think I've ever taken longer than their spawn animations on those before this build.
The build is also amazingly cheap. The most expensive piece so far is a Solstice Vigil and it blasts through mid tier maps. It has a decent few rares that really just need life + resists so they're pretty cheap as well. 18+ second flasks are pretty cheap to roll as you just need to hit 1 enchant + 1 regular affix and you can roll them seperately.
If you want a cheap fast mapper, I think this build is hard to beat. Just don't expect to do any high end bosses with it.
Now I just need to find a build to do some bosses with.
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2021.10.27 12:19 randomname123xd you will never win

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2021.10.27 12:19 Steventrevellion Canadian sickos? Anyone in Toronto?

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2021.10.27 12:19 chrose- Question on league/maximum league/league seasons

Hello, all! I'm in the game for a good 2 months, light spender. I have a question to which I didn't quite find an answer on the fandom page, it is a bit nuanced, though. Which maximum league is considered when black market soul quantity is calculated? Here's an exact example which may clarify my question: I'm in league 12 mostly (bottom of l12, top of l13). When dark tower hits, I mostly drop back intentionally to l15 to be able to complete it (the card rarity order fits my deck better there). Now, when league season ended, I had max league at 12, now at 15 (since i started dt some hours before season end), until I complete dt, then I will climb back. Soul quantities in the bm are calculated for my current max league, or the highest league I ever reached? This is 15 vs 12 in this case. Which one counts in this case?
Also, if some of you knows, maybe you can clarify the same situation in all cases where max league is considered (quest chests etc.) for unexperienced ppl, like me. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.27 12:19 TheR3aperz That's it, I knew I should've worn more big spray

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2021.10.27 12:19 matte4life Rare 2019 Ford GT Lightweight

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2021.10.27 12:19 shaj_hulud Advokáti Gašpar a Para na chate hovorili o likvidácii Lipšica: Zrazíme ho na priechode aj bez ponožiek

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2021.10.27 12:19 Mr_Memchiker Boardgame-players, what was the strangest house rule you encountered?

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2021.10.27 12:19 Interesting_Flan1907 Does one person dictate the rhythm of the relationship? Me (20's F) and boyfriend (30 M)

We tend to always do whatever my boyfriend wants to do. Most of the time, I'm okay with this, but sometimes it bothers me. There's little instances, like this morning, I was reading, and he wanted to talk to me/get attention from me, so I stopped reading and gave him attention. But about a half hour later, when I was trying to tell him something, he was reading, and wouldn't stop to listen to me. This is a small example but is truly representative of our dynamic. It seems like almost everything is on his terms. Is that okay?
Otherwise, what, he would have to do stuff that he doesn't want to do?
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2021.10.27 12:19 Pls_Dont6 How do I stop my flat pedal from clicking in high gears?

My left side Funn Blackmagic pedals suddenly started clicking when I pedal hard. I just got this pedals 3 weeks ago and been riding with it twice daily and had no problem until now. The clicking is very distracting as I can also feel it on my feet. Any help?
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2021.10.27 12:19 MrHyde935 ¿Alguien ha recibido una cantidad más grande de caramelos?

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2021.10.27 12:19 crazikyle Abandoned train and railyard at the end of the New River Railroad in Northern Tennessee.

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2021.10.27 12:19 Automatic_Turnip2 Unpopular opinion - gen 3 is just as good or better for everyone than gen 2!

Ok, obviously a lot of people are very frustrated by the idea of a subscription, and i get that. But most of the posts since the announcement are so negative, I want to try to bring a little bit of positivity here! Maybe I'll get downvoted to hell, but here it goes. And I don't work for Oura or anything, I'm just a customer.
First off the hardware - undeniably an upgrade. Since getting the Oura ring a few months ago I have also been thinking about getting an Apple watch or some other wearable to better track activity. I use a chest strap heart rate monitor during intense cardio workouts, but something more lightweight that will track my heart rate during day to day activities, casual walks and hikes, etc. is gonna be great. I'm hoping the daytime heart rate tracking might even be able to track stress as well like garmin watches do, that would be really useful. Period tracking is a big upgrade for women. O2 monitor, I'm not sure how I'll actually use it day to day, but when traveling (especially for anyone that does mountain sports like skiing where you're sometimes going to much higher elevations than you're used to) it'll be really interesting to see the data.
Now for the long-term cost - I just don't think it's quite as bad as everyone is making out. If you bought a ring in the past month, you're getting a free upgrade + lifetime subscription, that's an amazing deal and a no-brainer.
If you bought outside that window but still within the past several months, you get $100 discount + lifetime subscription (that's the bucket i'm in). It's a nice touch IMO that Oura added this tier, I honestly think they are going above and beyond what I've seen for many other tech & software products when a new version comes out. If you buy an apple watch a month before they launch a new one, you get nothing towards an upgrade.
If you bought longer ago than that, then you've gotten quite a bit of use out of your ring already. And you still get a nice $50 discount + lifetime membership if you want to upgrade.
Looking on eBay the going price of a used Oura ring seems to be about $130-$200. So whether you get the $50 or $100 discount, you can probably upgrade to the Gen 3 with a lifetime membership for $0 - $120 out of pocket and get a brand new ring with all the new features.
Then there's the group of people that were waiting to buy and aren't customers yet. I get why this group is the most mad, you would have obviously been better off buying the ring 2 weeks ago instead. Oh well, you took a risk by building up your expectations for an unreleased product based on random internet rumors, sometimes it doesn't work out. You're still in a better spot than you were before the gen 3 came out. You can buy the gen 3 now and not pay for the membership. It might be a bit of a wash, you get less granular data in the app, but you get the improved product with the new sensors. You can get the ring and pay for the subscription, $5.99 isn't a crazy price and this will still cost you slightly less over the next 2 years than getting a whoop (and if you keep it longer like 3 years, it becomes an even better deal than whoop). Or, you can buy a used gen 2 and continue getting all the gen2 features with no subscription. Lots of people will be looking to unload them now so you should have no problem finding one.
It's not so bad for anyone! I for one am excited that Oura is releasing new products and growing, and I'm looking forward to trying out all the new features and content.
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2021.10.27 12:19 CookingMyCat I sold it all. Everything. I hope it works well for everyone.. but there's a chance it doesn't.

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